Dying Breed Seeds, 3rd Gen Family, and Foe20 of ABNormal

Shiloh Massive of Dying Breed, Brandon from 3rd Gen Family, and Foe20 of Abnormal join Adam on the show.


  1. Guys never never purchase seeds from this company I purchased one box cookie 10 seats I grow them after 3 1/2 months gross not showing anything about male or female after when I put them to flowering after 10 days from 10 only one female the Rest I throwing trash waste my time where is my 3 1/2 month power everything it’s gone because this fucking company they make A lot of money just selling bullshit.

  2. so because the caller on the phone can talk 2 hours with out breathing over talking everybody and shit talking means he knows what hes talking about lmao yeah ok that dude was full of shit

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