Dying Breed Seeds, 3rd Gen Family, and Dr. Willard

Dr. John Willard, of Willard’s Water, Shiloh Massive, of Dying Breed Seedz, and Brandon, of 3rd Gen Family Farms, join Adam on Friday.


  1. Seeds here now are definitely not the best Neptune seed bank is I knowmloads of people who have odered plenty of time from seeds here now and not receive their packages

  2. Guys don’t listen this bullshit I purchase said I grow them more than three months after 3 1/2 month shows one female only and the rest I throwing trash waste my time where is my electric waste my fucking every thing this fucking company they make tons of money they selling call shit to people waste peoples money and time never purchased from this company if you Google it you cannot find any email from this fucking company only in a Instagram you can send a message for this fuckers.

  3. Get a new co host sheesh he keeps leaning into the mix but instead of adding something constructive to the conversation he smirks over at Adam like "gotcha".

  4. lol nobody created it they just named it a fuckn shame and they don't know what it is they just found it lol so if that's my Shit can I get my credit for creation? and why is the guy in the passenger seat so fucking quiet sucks as a co host lol

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