Does CBD get you high and how does it make you feel?

Since CBD oil is so closely related to marijuana, it’s natural to wonder if CBD will make you high. In this video I discuss the differences in THC and CBD and how …


  1. In my opinion, CBD DOES get you high; but you need so much more CBD than you do THC for a feeling of "euphoria". There are so many health benefits derived from CBD that occur before that "level of abuse".

  2. cbd is not for young adults who have abused weed recreationally. Iam 21 i started smoking potent weed by 14 i started smoking everyday after school too and before. cbd buds for me is honestly just waste of money rather buy a cali pack. chance for a high

  3. I’ve never tried cbd before, any type of products. I struggle a lot with anxiety. I have multiple sleepless nights and I often feel like shit throughout the day. I don’t want to depend on medication again to feel ok. As a beginner what do you guys recommend me? To sleep well and feel good throughout the day

  4. I feel super calm and still kinda floaty, but definitely not mind altering like weed. My baseline lately is very bad anxiety, so being calm feels euphoric. I recommend you all try smoking some hemp flower or vaping cbd just to try it. Don't expect it to feel like thc though, but in my opinion the effects are still noticeable.

  5. are CBD chewing gums worth it? will they make me a little high if I haven't smoked weed in 1 year ; also is it unsafe for brain development

  6. I have tried a few different kinds of CBD and I just got some friendly hempsters clementine kush over 17% CBD and it actually works wonders I can feel my body calming down and I can focus more

  7. Im so very late on this video but Ive been searching aggressively for info about CBD – flower specifically – as in LA most of the local shop sell MJ WITHOUT Cbd bc of all the isolating taking place.

    My SO buys and regularly returns with 38% THC & 0.01 % CBD or some shit & Im just like wtf is going on w weed. Went to a shop and asked for their lowest THC & received 13%. Didn't notice til I got home that the CBD was insanely negligible and suffered from tachycardia for 45 whole mins. The most uncomfortable shit in my life.

    I really want to try CBD flower but Im so insanely scared to feel anything close to the last time I smoked 2 yrs ago. This new MJ market has completely turned me off and it saddens me.

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