Dirty Talk: Down and dirty with Jeff Lowenfels & Duke Diamond

Yo chatgang you gotch yer ears on ? …10/4 Good buddy ….I heard two of the best guests of the Adam Dunn show are on back to back this Fri! JEFF LOWEFELS …


  1. wish you guys do a show on magnum opus,its my fav,if theres talk out there its prob me starting it on opus, google this The Magnum Opus: A Living Memory of Ras Truth by Aficionado Estates

  2. i go into grow store i dont wanna leave no one likes going with me,im a fat kid in candy store,im reading im in aww at everything,so much new gear so much i want,love grow stores online sucks ass,its got no feeling,no substance stall,i wanna interact with other growers,how many cuts were traded by meeting face to face in a grow store,all that goes away online support local grow store,and your city,fuck the big company right in the poop shoot,buy brick and mortar

  3. Adam you're too quiet and nice, be louder and more of a dick…..
    awesome show guys…..i havent watched all of it yet because you guys take forever to talk about anything lol keep doing what yerr doing…..
    peace and love from southern ontario canada

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