Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana

Bill Drake author of the very first ever English book about cannabis growing “Cultivators handbook of Marijuana “ joins us this week in a highly anticipated show …


  1. Living Soil with Joshua Steensland || Future Cannabis Project (Oct. 1, 2020)

    One of the guests in the above FCP video is a hemp farmer; who just grew a 150 acre crop of hemp, that looked like high THC flower. Sounds like hemp breeding has come a long way!  

    Anyway, he drops a highly controversial statement about the negative health impact of feminized seed. That topic comes up at the 4:48 point of the video, but isn't pursued due to it being largely controversial and off-topic; but basically he labels feminized seed as a GMO.

  2. Didn't Hawthorne buy into distribution of supplies, and bought the big names too. Legalization would suck. I'm glad its not legal (yet) in my state. I guess theres some benefits but i don't think they out weigh the negative.

  3. Another great show. Im one of those controversial Cannabis aficionados that smoke cigarettes 🤦‍♂️. I should at least switch to an organic tabacco. I need to remind myself of what it is exactly im smoking. Straight up poison. Great info.

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