Could CBD Help Fight Severe Cases Of COVID-19?

Scientists are researching whether CBD could help treat the inflammation that comes along with some coronavirus infections. Learn more about this story at …


  1. I ordered this cannabis oil from one Dr. Alex James and it was delivered to me. My husband who was very infected with colon cancer, he was even seen to live for 6 months, living for the family was a living hell with sorrow in the heart, but today I am telling the world that cannabis oil saved my husband from dying, He is still alive and we are in the 10th month, God is so great, Thanks to Dr. Alex James that sold the hemp oil to us that we used in curing my husband's illness, Once again I would like to thank Dr. Alex James for his wonderful Hemp Oil, I'm happy to have my husband back alive strong and healthy.


  2. I've been using 300mg of cbd isolate for the last 3 days and I'm almost completely over the worst symptoms. I even have my sense of taste back.
    Cbd is a natural anti inflammatory, antibiotic and antiviral. If course it works, but it's cheaper than a vaccine so you won't hear it.

  3. Why can you put the real information. Is not only cbd is also THC. I had coronavirus twice. March 2020 and December 2020. March I had a very bad throat infection after having sore throat. Headache a little fever and low energy. A nurse told me that marijuana has anti-inflammatory attributes. Guess what. It worked. I smoked and my throat got better that I could sleep with much less pain. When I woke up with very minimal pain in my throat. Headaches always goes away when you smoke INDICA strain. Recommend INDICA HIGH THC 23% or more. I was smoking 28%. Months after all the research came in Europe they noticed that more then 50% cases of coronavirus had low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is very important. I started taking 10000 a day. Then drop to 5000 a day. Then I got infected by my 65 year old father. But I only had one day of headaches low energy. And 3 days of chills. The first time it took me almost 3 weeks to recover close to 4 weeks actually. But the second time. I was back to normal or even felt better and stronger than before in less then 7 days. Day 10 tested NEGATIVE. Hot teas and natural supplements that help support immune system. Like AMPITREXYL PLUS OF 1000mg. Of I was also taking CDS/MMS.

  4. We love CBD – but we are biased 😉 Most people use as a dietary supplement, as part of their health maintenance program. If these studies prove that CBD is an effective defence against COVID19 this would be a real game-changer…

  5. I was sick with Covid for 70 days. I used marijuana and it provided immediate relief for lung hardening and organ inflammation. Don't worry about their research, they've been "researching" for decades. Smoke weed if you catch the virus. It will help save your life

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  7. it works and its not a 'could'. ,,,,funny how this pfzier vaccines does not have to go through the same screening etc….lol u first and let me know how it works out for ya!

  8. I am a long hauler, and CBD takes the edge off of my post-exertional malaise. I don't mean it gives me energy, I mean it takes away the bizarre feeling that comes on that I think is inflammation. I am at 6 plus months since Covid infection.

  9. Why just cbd. Just take a natural grown bud with natural levels of thc and cbd and then try it.
    Trials with an organic bud with both Thc and cbd.
    Thank me later.

  10. Raw onion, black tea & lemon, cayenne (not cooked), hot baths w/ powdered ginger, oil of oregano capsules, cod liver oil capsules, these are some of the things that I used.

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