Compound Genetics, Ricky Palomino, and James Bean!!!

Compound Genetics, Ricky Palomino, and James Bean join the show this Friday!!!!


  1. Way to disrespect your guests dude! Last time you'll have them on the show! Anti salts peeps just drive me nuts! By far the more controllable method, especially for multiple strains running simultaneously! No hot spots, high oxygen content a 100% of the time, can fix deficiencies immediately, superior flush, and so on.

  2. Couldn't understand a lot of compounds interview because of there phone or rapid wording. What I caught was cool. Your story's were clear and awesome thanks Adam for sharing.

  3. I was hyped to grab up something from Compound until I found out their breeding program is salts. Same reason I don’t grow a lot of OGs that are used to hydro.. it doesn’t seem to express the same way when you breed it with salts and I grow it out in TLO

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