CleanAF CBD Disposable Vape‘s

Got awesome package from Cleanaf CBD, they have some awesome disposable CBD vapes that taste amazing and have fat clouds check out there website …


  1. Paid extra for shipping. Ordered it last wensday didn't get a update till yesterday just to say that it's in pre shipment status also emailed and DMd them no response so I left a review on their site saying that they should reimburse me with a product since I paid UPDATE: They just responded to me and told me that they were at a trade show for 3 days that's why I didn't get my products. Never knew that it was a small business makes sense now tho!

  2. Yo good video i went ahead and ordered one of the big ones and used your code i hope it's not a dud lol 😅💪💪💪💪💪💪 edit it came in on time works perfectly it's smooth and taste great makes me feel alright i like it

  3. U need to drink a lot of water while vaping. Then u won't get that dry feeling. I've been a vaping for 15+ years. Plus, if you don't drink water when vaping, u could get vapors tongue. Awful feeling that won't go away…sometimes if u suck on lemons it will clear it up faster, tho.

  4. did it take a long time for them to come in? they say 14-20 days for shipping and that just sucks cause theres no reliable places to get them around me

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