CBD To Control Seizures In Dogs and Cats

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  1. Hello, thank you for your very informative video. I have a 16-yr old cat who just started having seizures. I have 5% cbd oil (specifically for pets). How much should I give a 5kg cat?

  2. My dog began to have seizures and not having any money to take her to the vet, I started giving her 4 drops of CBD oil every day and her seizures stopped. She isn't 100% back to normal but she is getting better every day. Its been about 2.5 weeks and no seizures. Its a miracle! Thank you!

  3. Hello, my bestfriend has a dog and he has seizures and usually 3-3 1/2 months inbetween occurances. he is a mix breed half papin and not sure other half he thinks dotson. ( i say his breed as i dont know if this is important to know for his treatment.) He weighs appoximently 15-25 pounds.

    And today he had 2 seizures one in the morning and 6-7 hours later had another seizure that night. they last estimated 10-15 seconds. I would like to know if CBD oil would be useful to help lower the occurances or stop him from seizing.
    And what is the best product for his aligment. please respond ASAP. He is my bestfriends therapy dog. and he is very close to him. and he would be devastated if he lost him. sincerly concerned jeffy.

    if anyone who reads this has any expriencce with using CBD oil for seizures and/or advice or helpful tips please respond. thank you.

  4. I have a 12.5 yrs old Dogue de Bordeaux. She is very old for her breed. She is getting smaller in her age at 70-80 lbs. Lately she is having seizures. Not very often but has had 3 now about 2 weeks apart. What dosage would you recommend. At this stage in her life we just want to make her comfortable. Thanks in advance

  5. My dog has seizures. She usually has 1 every month. Now she is getting them like every 7-15 days… I want to try CBD oil… Where to buy the best quality CBD for her?

  6. My dog is epileptic. He has been on phenobarbital for about a year now and has been hospitalized twice. He was just given Keppra as well since phenobarbital isn’t controlling his seizures as much. Everyday I have to give him 7 pills and I can’t even imagine what this is going to do to him long term. I’ve been doing a lot of research on CBD and plan on moving him over to that to control his seizures. I’m definitely going to talk to his vet about this to figure out a way to take him off his 7 daily pills.

  7. Could CBD help with a spinal problem, my poor pal seemed to have lost the absorption impact fluid near his rear end, I doubt I described it correctly.
    It seemed to have leaked, leaving a section dry, as my vet put it. He is walking like he is drunk, I was told due to issue, he is uncertain as to where his rear legs actually are, hence the drunken state.
    My research has lead me to believe, most companies are passing hemp extract oil off as CDB.

  8. WOW…………………………..why has this been kept away from people that love their dogs ? Yet the Drs put them Phenobarb which attacks the liver and kidneys

  9. Great video!
    I adopted my maltipoo, Kelli 5 months ago and she suffers from petit mal seizures which would come on every 3-4 weeks. I took her to the vet and they wanted to put her on phenobarbital. When the vet told me the possible side effects and the risk involved with dosing or altering the dose even slightly, it scared the crap out of me. My vet advised that there are also natural, alternative treatments that can be used if the phenobarbital started to have adverse effects, so I started researching alternative treatments and learned about CBD oil. I have had her on King Kanine 75 mg CBD oil and so far, she has not had a seizure in just over 6 weeks! I am praying that this herb is the answer and that her seizures continue to become less frequent or cease altogether for that matter. I also have her on a healthy regimen in that she eats Fresh Pet Vital Grain Free and alternatively for variety, I give her Only Natural Pet dry food, which has turmeric in it. I add Wellness Core Raw Bowl Boosters to each meal (which she absolutely loves). She gets spring water every day, a powdered probiotic specifically formulated for dogs/cats and I only use stainless steel bowls for her food and water.

  10. My veterinarian said they is no positive research, and ignored me when I asked about CBD. My dog got a rabies shot in August, 8 days later he started having seizures. He had 3 the other day about 5 hrs apart. They said there isn't much I can do. I'm ready to try anything, I can't just sit here and watch him suffer, feeling like the most useless dog mommy.

  11. My cat has been having seizures for about 3 years, I think it may be linked to her kidney issues which I've managed to control and slow down with homemade chicken soup carcass recipe and then putting the most trusted CBD oil in the ramekin dish. She responded well to one type but I am now unable to get it anymore. It lessened her seizures from 1 a day to 1 every few weeks and then 1 a month. In the past few months since not being able to to buy this particular oil anymore she is having 2 per day and it's really upset the whole family as she's such a sweet loving animal, fallen down the stairs off the bannisters from great heights, out the kitchen window onto the bonnet of the car. We're talking many a time she has fallen, I mean how do you stop a cat going up high. It's natural. This Cbd oil just isn't working now and I have been a HUGE pusher of it over the last 3 years. I have just bought some valerian to try as I'm desperate now. Don't want to lose her just yet. She's nearly 15 but animals are well looked after. I refuse to medicate with big pharmas products. I'd sooner put her down than expose her to that rubbish. It's a shame because for years I really really thought cbd was the saviour and time is of the essence so could keep trying different oils but nothing has worked like this one I once got from someone I knew who has funnily enough been headhunted by the BMA for aiding and even curing peoples cancer. Shame, he was a genuine guy doing good in the world.

  12. Can CBD oil used for squirrels suffering from seizures??? If so plz Lemme know how to use and what quantity to be used for 9 mnth old male indian palm squirrel plssssss help me 😢😢

  13. Omg…you gave me hope and peace. My 11 years old pit bull Chubby got diagnosed with a mast cell tumor: cancer. Im heartbroken but dont want him to have chemotherapy…Im exploring the different options and you channel gave me tons of useful info and most important hope. I know he will not be cancer free but I want to keep his quality of live. Thanks!

  14. You rock! Thank you so much! My puppy is 3 and half months old and just had her first seizure with us last night. We were scared, freaked and tried calling every pet emergency place but we didn't have enough money and they refused to help. This gives me hope. We're in Colorado so thanks to you I'm reminded of an option I'm willing to try and can afford. thank you again!

  15. Dr. Jones…
    I'm trying to find out what is a good quality vs. Not so good quality CBD oil. About what should I expect to spend for a vial/ bottle of oil? I'm guessing it comes in 1oz, 2oz bottles? I've seen $250 bucks out there and then I've seen considerably less. There's a lot of companies out there so it's kinda confusing. I'm hoping this might help with my cat who has what has been described as the kitty version of being on the autism spectrum. We cannot fix his brain of course but we can certainly keep trying to help him. We've tried homeopathic drops made up by my vet, rescue remedy(Bach), pheromones, alternative treatments and therapies. We are pretty sure there was either a birth accident or something happened during early foetal development. He looks fine but isn't. He never learned what he should have from momma. He was rejected at the age of three weeks mostly and fed supplementally. He was not a runt. Only three in the litter. He did okay for the first two years and then regressed after that. He's very sweet but withdrawn. Very much like on the autism spectrum. Now his brother wants to be aggressive with him bc he knows he's different like all animals will do. And pheromones aren't helping him either.This only started when he regressed. Also he has diminished sense of smell and diminished pain response amongst his issues so maybe that's why the other stuff(pheromones especially)didn't affect him. I just dunno. He can taste but barely can smell. He's farsighted we think too. So I suppose my first question is really could CBD oil help one or the other or both with mood? I just haven't talked to my vet yet about it because it just hit me tonight(it's a Friday night)after watching him struggle again to just simply BE. The struggle is Real. He could be easily regress to a failure to thrive at this point, I think if I didn't watch him so closely. Thank you Dr. Jones for your input and your time. Kindly…
    wanda,Simon and Giorgio
    (Yes, these are the same kitties I was asking about that I cannot get off of kibble for going on 6 years now. Tried it all.( homemade food, raw diet, canned foods, they won't touch it. They'd rather starve and will.)One has starved himself repeatedly to the point we're concerned about hepatic lipidosis. Most difficult cats I've EVER had in 38 years.😔 They are blood brothers from different litters two years apart. I did not know the younger one was special needs like THIS.)

  16. would this work on a chicken? I've been caring for a hen who started out with terrible worms I was able to save her the first time she tried to dye on me by force-feeding her till she would bounce back. she would go on over the next 10 months to have 3 more spells where she would go into prey mode and start to shut down and I would again force feed her and she would return to me. on the last time she took a turn for the worst she came out of it with force feeding but she would from that point on show signs of either vertigo or blindness I'm not sure what to call it she would no longer run to a tomato I dropped her, she would only drink and eat feed but when she did either she would take 3-4 tries at locating the bowl then when her beak would touch food she would eat it up. from here she developed seizures she has up to 10 a day when she's not in a fit shes otherwise very happy.I know my vet has told me that chickens can't have any pain meds bc it can kill them so I scared to try it without a vets approval please let me know what you think and if so how much for a 3-5lb bird.thank you for your time and all of these wonderfull videos.

  17. I have a healthy 10 year old dog. About a year ago, he started to have seizures as soon as he step into the door of the boarding kennel or at the vets office. Our vet suggested our dog visit a neurologist, which we did. They concluded that we should monitor his seizures and have an MRI taken if the seizures increase. We figured it was just stress related because this wouldn't happen any other time. We are looking for a product that calm our high energy dog before visiting the vet or the kennel.
    Will CBD oil work right before we take him to the vet or kennel or is it recommend to give him doses several days in advance?

  18. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just found your channel. My dog was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 2, about 5 years ago. I'm not sure why the vet came to that conclusion since she ran no tests at the time but we put my dog on Keppra, he's been getting a dose every 8 hours ever since, and I have to take him in every 3 months for bloodwork to make sure the meds are not causing organ damage. Well I read recently that wasn't necessary because of how Keppra is metabolized. Is that true? I spend so much money on trying to keep my dogs healthy as it is, and if he doesn't need to be tested on Keppra then I need to change vets. He's never had any other problems.

    I've tried giving my dog CBD with a low THC content since I'm in California and I've got tons of options on product, but my dog acts really funny and gets clingy and kinda freaks out on it. Almost like he gets sometimes if he's about to have a seizure or even post-ictal, but he doesn't end up having one. Could that just be from the THC? Will he get used to it over time? I even tried the product myself to make sure it wasn't extremely concentrated with THC since you never know, and it hardly had any effect on me. I dont know what to think. My vet said she can't advise on that stuff and to just let her know how it works. 🙁

    Thank you again.

  19. Hello Doc
    Could you do a video about how to prevent muscle loss in dogs especially in the hind quarters due to artrithis and what can be done to increase muscle loss? Since older dogs can't walk or run as long due to artrithis etc what can be done to stop the loss?
    Also do you give CBD oil for inflammation or is it for pain? Do you give CBD oil before exercise or after, does it matter?

  20. I love your videos. So helpful !!
    I was wondering if you could do one on Blastomycosis so people can be aware & not lose there dogs to Blasto.
    My dog was diagnosed with it & there’s not much info especially from a vet who I would trust more than articles on internet.
    Thank you 😊

  21. Thanks doc for the information, i gave my first dose today. My cat has been getting 22mg of phenobarbital every 12 hours. The pharmacist thought i should reduce the pheno over a few weeks as i use the CBD so as not to cause withdraws. The 4 vets here that i asked just said they do not know anything about CBD and DID NOT think it was a good idea to try it. So when people say to use CBD along with your vets advice, i guess i am on my own.

  22. Sad part is bag dog food causes a lot of these seizures and skin issues. You're one of the few veterinarians that truly understands the importance of an animal's well-being instead of pushing products out the door that someone paid you to promote. You're one of the best resources on the internet for home remedies and dogs keep up the great work

  23. Thank you Dr. Jones, great video… I have a 15 year old cat that has medical issues & is not eating, so having to feed him out of a syringe 4 X a day. I bought the FAIRWINDS CBD Companion Tincture in hopes that it will help eat & so I don't have to feed him out of a syringe. I'm having a difficult time & he's about 9 pounds or so, actually gained a little, but not near enough. Is what is listed on the bottle of CBD is, THCA-0.0, THC-20.0, CBDA-0.0, CBD-100.0, TTL 120.0 & the flavor is "Bacon", which had me concerned as there's salt in bacon, so went to the FAIRWINDS site & they say it's safe for them. But not sure IF I should buy another bottle of Pet CBD or not, so feeling so sCaReD & lOsT for my baby boy, any suggestions please?

  24. Dr Jones, u mentioned at the end of ur video (with your cat) to split the dose in two. Did u mean to say to split the 1mg a day into 1/2 mg twice a day for a total of 1mg per day? Or 1mg twice a day. From everything I've read I thought it's 1mg per 10 lbs of body weight per dose, and dosing should be twice a day 12 hrs apart.

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