CBD Oil Review — Superior CBD Hemp Oil HoneyColony

Benefits of CBD Oil: * Balances the Nervous System * Balances the Musculo-Skeletal System * Promotes Mental Clarity, Focus & Memory * Supports Calm …


  1. Can't wait to try my wife has diabetes and she gets shooting nerve pain in her legs and she is so miserable can't take pain pills I hope it works for her it's tuff to watch her suffering so much

  2. I have the type of seizures where my head feels like it's going to explode, I get real dizzy, real confusion, extreme mental anxiety, and OCD. Celexa, Ativan, and Tripleptal helps but not a hundred percent effect always.

  3. CBD is total junk. on the max dose I felt literally NOTHING. Smokeable/edible organic marijuana, (NOT hemp…no THC = CRAP), best way to go IF it's legal…the feds need to legalize weed already and stop treating it's citizens like idiots…condescending assholes..

  4. Honey Colony is a scam company ran by criminal who is committing FRAUD by taking your money, not shipping the product and refuses to provide a refund,  STAY AWAY!

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