CBD Oil Hailed A Miracle Drug For Children With Severe Epilepsy

CBD oil is being hailed a miracle drug for children with severe epilepsy, but under federal law, it’s illegal. Juliette Goodrich reports. (5/7/18)


  1. We need to take the power back. The 'laws' are there to protect investors before consumers. Cannabis is the people's plant. Source CBD in other ways and to hell with pharmaceutical companies.

  2. Goverments don't want people to self medicate because their buddies in the Pharmaceutical industry who finance them won't like a drop of income !!!!….just saying !!!!

  3. These Judges are out of touch with reality or they are corrupt. To condemn another human being to suffering or a lifetime of prison for ingesting a plant , while you sit there with a whiskey in your hand, is evil manifest in human form.

  4. If it works it should be illegal. OR: you neglected to do years and billions in research so its illegal. Its not a well known manufacturer so its illegal. Lousy excuses.

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