DOES CBD HELP NEUROPATHY (NERVE PAIN)? // In this video, you’ll find out how effective CBD Oil is for Neuropathy. If you’re wondering if CBD Oil is right …


  1. Hello Dr Patel,


    My question to you is that should kidney transplant patients suffering from years of neuropathic pain and also having a history of high blood sugar & pressure levels consider using cbd oils as a pain reliever ? I have been hearing from a few sources that such oils do help in relieving some pain in patients with similar issues.

    Thus if the answer is a yes could you be kind enough in sharing some research data on the subject ?

    Thanking you !


    Prasann Venkataraman

  2. Hi I have a same pain In my left feet I m also taking Amotriptyline 3tims a day but it’s doesn’t work on me but I m not diabetic ,also I m waiting a injunction which dr said I need in a feet , I just want to know can I take this CBD oil ,also I have a fibromyalgia plzzz reply I really needs to know ,

  3. The only thing that has helped me is Lyrica . The gabapentin didn't help at all . I also use marijuana to get high . The high helps distract my mind from the pain . I use it in the evening a few hours before I go to bed . My neuropathy is not diabetic related . My heart goes out to all inflicted .

  4. Dr I'm in desperate need of a doctor that is knowledgeable about neurological pain. I have been plagued with severe painful spasm in my stomach and I live in Toronto and I have had 5 specialist at the Toronto general hospital examined me and they had the balls to tell me that they don't know what is causing the spasm so I will have to find some way of dealing with the pain because if they don't know what it is they can't treat it. My family doctor is Indian. But Dr Patel, he is DAF. I am sure that you will be able to solve my problem. I don't know what part of the world you are but to get rid of this pain I would delve into hell and back. Thanks

  5. I have Severe Daily Levels of pain, after adding Hemp Oil, my Daily Pain Level of 8-10 has reduced to 6 for most days. My physical limitations are still difficult, but my brain is not freezing out daily over it. Permeant Myelopathy Patient

  6. >^..^< Doctor Patel, an FYI just in case it will help others. I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy by the Veterans Administration and poly neuropathy by Geisingers health care neurologest in central Pennsylvania. As a 21 year old I was sent to Viet Nam and was required to help guard my bases (Bình Thủy, Cần Thơ, Vietnam Army Navy Base in the delta). Thus might have been exposed to agent orange, a nural toxin for 10 + – hours each of the 10-20 times I was assigned paramiter overnight guard duty.

    Doctor Patel, you may want to consider sharing the following with others that have Nerve Pain after reading the following: Happy to be able to say that so far, I seem to have been able go eliminate most of my nurve pain (Knock On Wood) by simply each time I return from evacuating my bladder I immidiatly drink 4 to 6 ounces of water. Most people seen to drink 32 oz of water 3 times a day when trying to stay hydrated. I believe the 3 qts a day methoud does not keep a body as consistantly hydrated all day long as my 4 to 6 ounce system each time I retrun from the toilet. Yes, I also do this at night too but a small price to pay I believe…….

    When I inadvertantly forget to drink my 4 ot 6 oz of water, I have noticed about an hour and a half after I should have draink my water the tingling, hardness feeling of my feet and pain begin to return. As soon as I recall this I imidiatly dring more water and the sensations begin to go away slowly….

    CBD FYI: I did the above hydrating system before and after I took CBD oil regularly…..

    Best Wishes to you, your family and all your patients Doctor Patel , Glenn

  7. I experience neuropathy in my hands and feet due to a heavy heavy dose of Kyprolis chemo therapy and gabapentin hasn’t calmed the pain / burning sensation.

  8. I have had diabetic neuropathy for 10 years now and it's quite advanced. Have tried via pian clinic, Morphine, Ketamine, Tramadol, Pregabaline plus a few more was on 1200ml of pain killers a day and lived like a zombie as a result. I have taken myself off the above 'poisons' which was a bit of a nightmare. CBD Oil has given me my life back, most effective a night time when the pain kicks in 100%. Some nights just walking to the toilet was so difficult, the oil has fixed this.
    I did have to do some experimentation to find what was right for me, well worth the effort. Only problem I have is the total lack of support via the UK Government to allow me to use and be prescribed CBD Oil for my pain instead of me having to pay for it, it's not cheap! Being told I would be classed as a criminal if I use it….shocking!!

  9. Don't be hustled, cut out the greedy middle man. Buy hemp buds straight from the farms. I tried 3 brands of oils sold over the web, all 3 had high reviews, every kind of medical lab purity testing and claimed to all be the very best available. After finishing off each bottle none of them had worked on my chronic pain, anxiety or peripheral neuropathy even when I tripled the dose of the 300mg strength. Only effect was wild dreams. I really wanted to stop taking gabapentin so in a last desperate move I ordered pure industrial hemp flower buds from an online site and farm based in Oregon. HOLY CRAP, this stuff tastes, smells and smokes exactly like high grade skunk weed pot! You absolutely could sell it to potheads who would have no idea it was hemp until they figured out the buzz lasts only 2 minutes. I had not savored that mouth watering flavor in over 30 years. But it is totally legal in all 50 states, having a very low THC content but 17% pure CDB oil by weight. It is sold by the gram, only the lower potency clippings are sold by the ounce or pound. It was shipped in neatly sealed foil lined pouches fast in US mail. I am not shilling for them, try any brand of hemp you find. I found it harsh on the throat from a pipe so I tried eating it, long lasting effect when breaking up a pea sized chunk of a bud into my food twice a day. It completely stops my neuropathy but makes it hard to fall asleep if taken too close to bed time, that's probably just me, a light sleeper.

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