CBD Oil For Epileptic Seizures | Anxiety | Pain | The Only 3 Proven Health Benefits

This video takes a deep dive into CBD Oil for epileptic seizures, anxiety, and pain. We will tear apart the research to see if Cannabidiol (CBD) holds up to all the …


  1. I started having seizures at age 14 years old with no one in my family having Epilepsy. I have had multiple years I did not have seizures, been tried on 6 different Anticonvulsants with allergic reactions, and side effects that made my seizures worse, I have multiple MRI's, EEG's Video EEG, went Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Ohio Hospital Dallas, talked with Neuroendocrinologist in New York. I had a VNS implanted in Tyler Texas. I have taken Dilantin for years with my medicine level that stays in the 30's with no thickening of the gums, when taken off of the medicine years ago it always caused a lot of seizures, in Cleveland Ohio when in the hospital they started taking me off my medicine trying to force a seizure for the EEG video and could not bring a Grandmal seizure on, I had been on CBD before I went to Ohio in 2018 and was I was fairly ok, but it was illegal to take in Ohio, but the Zonogram they put me on that I did not want to take caused Myclonic seizures I had never had before I was walking around like a Zombie and I live in Arkansas where there were no doctors where I live to help with this. Thankfully my husband and I have been through this so many times we weened me off and I felt much better but still the small seizures. I am 52 years old and a Landscape Designer and love to work but has been difficult for me to work with me not being able to drive. I want to do the CBD oil but cant get the doctors to understand, I am not taking another synthetic drug after all the problems I have had with them. I liked your video and was very informative on the CBD oil. I honestly have just given up hope that there is anything that will help.

  2. Does CBD lower testosterone and fertility? I took it for about a week and my testicles shrunk and I just sensed my T was low. This was at a time when I quit a chronic use of THC so my hormones were out of whack so I’m not sure if it’s the thc withdrawal or CBD.

  3. science is so dumb and its faithful worshipers constantly get proved to be so over time , blah blah blah we think this blah blah blah but we dont really know blah blah blah, smoke da herb god gave us and stop trying to think you can know why through clinical trials which eliminate reality as far as possible to understand reality ,so fkn dumb

  4. Thanks to everyone taking their time to read this testimony on how my son was saved from Epilepsy .
    He was diagnosed three years ago, and he's 18, I have tried several treatments and medications, nothing was working out, this got me frustrated and depressed. I kept praying and finally God answered my prayers when someone from youtube introduced me to this herbal doctor, from Africa and gave me his contact details.
    I called and explained my son's condition after which I made an order for his herbal remedy, he asked for my address and the next day I got a tracking number for a parcel sent to me through DHL and I got some days latter.
    It was a liquid herbal medicine and a letter containing the instructions on how to use the herbs, I called him again to confirm and the next morning I started giving my son the herbs as instructed and after one week I noticed great improvement on my son and I continued until the herbs got finished and everything lasted for just one month and now my son is totally free from Epilepsy, doctors said he’s perfectly fine and there will be no more seizures.
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  5. Thanks for stating THC instead of making it out to be " marijuana" … to many people still use the marijuana word to describe cannabis plant with THC-a in it ETC…. a great way to explain it is THC-a cannabis or CBD-a cannabis … the A represents the acid on the compound ( non decarboxylated / carbon active)

  6. Thanks for the clarity.
    One question /observation. The Anxiety use was for situational anxiety (public speaking), so does a person need to use it regularly to prevent anxiety, or van one take it as needed for orals in anxiety.

  7. really like the way you presented this video / the information, and noticed you've done some on ashwaganda which i'll watch next. have you heard of Bacopa / done any research on that? i've been meaning to read into it myself – i currently have been taking it for almost a year and its hard to say whether i've noticed effects or not… if you did the research for me and uploaded another video so i could just watch it in stead that would be great :p

  8. HI Zach, I represent one of the nations top growers and CBD legal teams and we are helping people like you get your own CBD brand with our high quality products. If you are interested in knowing more, please feel free to reach out… jimpgale@gmail.com

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  10. "Marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with negroes", "the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is it's effects on the degenerate races", — U.S. Government.
    I asked a lawyer how this ridiculous hatespeech was able to put me in jail, and he said "Something doesn't have to be scientifically true, to be a "legal fiction", all the Government has to do, is say it's true in a court of law"
    So watch out, the Government dictates what reality is at all times. Today, CBD is legal, tomorrow, they can make up anything they wish, and it becomes 100% true! Crazy

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