CBD oil cures dogs seizures

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  1. My friend sent me this video and I was very impressed by it. My dog has a predilection for licking Sonoran desert toads and chasing the hallucinogenic effects that are in the toad toxin. One summer, he progressively became more and more deaf to the point of being completely deaf. I started giving him CBD oil to reverse the effects of the toad toxin and he regained his hearing and also many side effects of the neurological impact toad toxin had. To note, about the third time he trapped a toad and licked it for 2 1/2 hours and he almost died that night.
    I also have a very close friend whose daughter had frequent seizures, three or four a day, and I gave him CBD oil to try on her and her seizures decreased dramatically by the third day and after continued usage, the seizures abated. I would highly recommend CBD oils for persons and pets that have neurological damage, especially to the central nervous system.

  2. I feel 100x more empathy for this dog than most humans. Poor guy, I’m glad you found something that helps. Anyone who says marijuana has no medical use…

  3. My 7yrs old American Staffy/Pit mix started having seizures in September. First 3-weeks apart and last one 2 weeks. Started him on daily CBD oil. I was crying because it took him 5-hours to recognize me. After blood work, the vet referred him to get an MRI. Estimate cost for MRI $2-$4k 🤦🏻‍♀️😳😬 A vet neurologist in Mexico quoted me $500. UGH! I’m going to the US VET neurologist consultation visit BUT I’m on the fence to drop $2k with potentially not getting a real result! ANY ONE OUT THERE W/ experience

  4. My lil dog was having seizures everyday and now she hasn’t had one in a month since I’ve given her cbd oil and I just thank Jesus for this medicine I’m so happy she’s living a better life now 💖😭

  5. My 12 year old dobe years ago got wobblers & only lasted 2 weeks, I don't even want to imagine the pain my boy was in. Wish I could have tried this, god it was years ago but still very fresh in my memory.
    I'm glad this medicine is being recognised for what it is, only wish people didn't fear it so much. Hell the legal drugs are the ones that need banning.

  6. This video got me thinking. The tincture's absorption must have been very rapid even though the route of administration was orally. I wonder if it works as quickly for humans?

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