CBD Oil and Medical Marijuana for Parkinson's Disease

Are you curious about the benefits of CBD oil and medical marijuana for Parkinson’s Disease? In this interview with naturopathic doctor Dr. Michelle Sexton, …


  1. It's only right i introduce y'all to Dr.ademise  the great herbal healer with natural roots and herbs supplement which cures herpes virus permanently from the body system, I'm a living witness to his good works

  2. I found my deliverer on YouTube called Dr Madida that helped me cure my Parkinson disease with his herbal medicine. I have being suffering from this disease for couples of years and couldn't doing anything anymore but all thanks to Dr Madida whom with his herbal service reversed this ailment.

  3. I was dieing from a combination of cirrhosis with parkinson syndrome. Brought on by HepC and squamous cell head and neck cancer- glandular- multi organ cancer-ANS . Esld. Platlets under 40K Prognosis = 3 month mortality. Extreme pain treated with opiods. Put my papers in order expecting to die anyday. I started tacking RSO oil to treat cancer as a last resort. I started to improve imeadiatly as I was able to stop opiods which were excelerating mortality. The RSO covered pain while enabling sleep and food. Consumption. My cancer retracted but better yet stopped the agonizing body spasms
    That brought me to pray for sudden death. Bottom. line , 5 years later cancer remitted, Hep C gone (DAA), stage 5 PS controlled inspite complete ANS. I am on my feet working , comunicating again. Im on a lifetime maintenece CBD that create homostacious. Not cured but controlled and experiencing a dramatically better quality of life. Cannabis is a miraculous broad spectrum herbal remedy obviously put here from our creator as a universal medicine

  4. Hi Dr king. I'm a big fan of your work. I a m diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease at age 36. Unfortunately I was a drug addict of crack cocaine which bought on my Parkinson's due to neurons of dopamine being damaged due to excessive use. I am currently using coconut oil and I -tyosine and an exercise program which has improved symp toms. I refuse to use levadopa as I feel it is too synthetic. Keep up the hard work doc. God bless

  5. ??? Watch…."medical cannabis and Parkinson's part 3 of 3"!!!!!!!! SEEING IS BELIEVING!!!!! The gentleman in the video is a retired cop!!! The video is only 3 mins long.😳 it will blow your mind!!!

  6. I would love to do a follow-up to this and tie in sports, and how the Neuro-regenerative properties of CBD Isolate were easily viewed with a brain scan over an 8 week period! Thanks for the information Dr. Sexton, and Sarah!

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