CBD For Anxiety?

CBD or cannabidiol has become a popular go to drug to use for a variety of problems. There’s only one FDA approved CBD prescription medication – Epidiolex.


  1. I smoked a joint filled with 18% CBD cannabis and LET ME TELL YOU that ALL of my anxiety was gone. No more stressing, twitching, or picking at my self. It felt amazing to be normal

  2. Of course the FDA works to discredit CBD – it’s a business not a charity or to help others.
    The results are “inconclusive”
    – I dare you to go Pack .4 or .5 grams of organic CBD into a dry herb vaporizer and finish it in one sitting and tell me it doesn’t have extremely profound effects on anxiety,stress and overall inflammation. Undeniable!

  3. Cbd/thc oil really helped my pain and tremors, also my muscle spasms. However it makes me really really dizzy for days! I used 1:1 and 20 : 1 cbd,/thc. It felt great for a day but the next day I couldn’t stand up right.

  4. I was told that kava would fuck my liver too and i used it heavily for anxiety and I'm just fine in that regard. Sounds like some fear mongering shit. Of course "they" will discount the benefits of cbd because big pharma loves to see you sick.

  5. I live in Canada cannabis is legal here. I struggle with anxiety some depression I take wellbutrin and cbd. I take a high content of cbd with very low thc I don't feel high at all and my anxiety has been better. I have tried multiple medications atleast 6 none really helped only killed my junk SSRIs not great in my opinion. I do know other people it works for them. Anyways what I'm trying to get at if doctors say try prozac that didn't work try zoloft oh that didn't work try effexor. Why not try cbd too? But one man's opinion good luck everybody anxiety sucks wouldn't wish it on anyone

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  7. DECREASED TESTICS?? 👁👄👁 nnnnnooooo, THANK YOU! Glad I watched this. I feel very happy with how you explain everything. I wish this is what the news was like. You’re great!!!

  8. There seems to be a lot of people on here who knows what they’re talking about. This isn’t for me, it’s for my wife. She is very easily irritated and gets anxious at a drop of a dime. She’s had a drinking problem in the past, and it was to improve her mood obviously. Thank god she overcame that! I take kratom because I suffer from anxiety and social anxiety, I’m also an ex addict to pain killers and suboxones, and the kratom has worked wonders for me. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like kratom ( it does taste awful and she doesn’t like taking pills)… is there any CBD out there that can treat my wife and help mellow her out but not effect her day to day living? Thank you in advance!

  9. From what I’ve read about the studies concerning liver damage you would have to be taking upwards of 200 mg per kilogram of body weight for that to be an issue which is an absolutely insane dosage. However the study does provide crucial information in regards to the potential effects of CBD dosages.

  10. The government s allow for the sale of alcohol which they know kills people yet won't allow for further testing cannabis which there is plenty of evidence to support its use.i would expect also that cannabis for medical would have to be a lot cheaper than chemo and radiation to provide what s the hidden agenda

  11. Well if the government s changed what it is listed at this would be able to be tested more there is sufficient evidence to show the benifits of this herb which has been used for thousands of years with great results.i.can say from personal experience that it works it killed my brain tumour which conventional cancer treatment of chemo n radiation failed to do on 2 accession prior so yes I swear by if.had I used the cannabis on the 1st accession I know I would not have the side effects of chronic fatigue every single day for over 4 years plus others .I take my hat off to the doctor's trying etc. The poisens that are given you will probably kill you before the cancer does

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