1. I gave cbd oil to my older dog for inflammation and it ended up destroying her tumors she had on her, she has since passed away, but I swear by cbd oil. It did help her joints and kept her moving.

  2. CBD stopped my dog's seizures and she had lost a lot of hair due to skin allergies which have completely gone away with all her hair coming back.

  3. Would it help for a 4 year old male kitty suffering from IBD?…throwing up only 🙁 he is so skinny 🙁 please help. And also does it matter what type of CBD? Or it just have to be 100%?

  4. I really wish I could find information on CBD for cerebellar hypoplasia in cats. I looked at some human studies looking at cerebral palsy and the benefits of CBD so I’ll just have to test it out. I wish their was information about the effects of CBD on ch. I’m adopting a ch kitty in 2 ish weeks and want to make sure I give her the best life.

  5. What's hemp seed ..is it a spice. can somebody respond..please ..I need help with my dog..I don't want to keep her in apoquel for the rest of her life she's 6 yrs old n she's a small mix poodle…

  6. My dog has allergies n I give her apoquel 3:6 mg..she surfers sometimes from kennel cough can I give her benedyrl or Robitussin dm…am not sure what to do ….

  7. It has helped my 18 yr cat for the last 2 yrs she s moving ans climbing stairs now doesn't stay in one place now ans has kidney desease but this last yr her kidney enzymes has improved

  8. Seizure. My Australian Shepherd was taking potassium bromide and phenobarbital twice a day. She would have 3 seizures every 12 to 14 days. Started C B D Oil 5 weeks ago. So far No seizures. I hope this helps. I am so thankful for this product.

  9. i have 2 175 lb great danes. my 1 just went thru his 2nd TPLO surgery and i having a harder time then the first, and the other is getting old – all rescues so the vet thinks he is at least 11, and his hips are starting to droop, how many drops would they get – your page says there are about 100 drops per bottle, ? i would get on the auto plan, but most likely would need 4 bottles a month ??? just not smart enough to figure how many drops. thanks so much for all you do.

  10. My 9 year old dog has horrible arthritis from a surgery he got many years ago for his knee. I give his CBD and Glucosamine for his stiffness. He’s a new dog literally, he hardly wanted to go outside, was in pain and within days of taking CBD he started walking. 3 months in, he goes on 2 walks daily, can jump on the sofa and has a renewed spirit. Can’t be a placebo affect since the dog has no clue what I put in his food, lol.. CBD oil has been a miracle for my maltipoo.

  11. We are doing your CBD and I think Sammy is really quite spunky for being an older Maltipoo. I lost a dog from an injection several years ago, think I will border on the less dangerous protocols, it was very difficult seeing him struggle and die from a "safe" injection. I still can hardly think about it.

  12. Thank you so much , I will try to buy from you next time as I do not trust this brand that was recommended by a lady who WAS treating her dog family member with it that had some success against fits but surprisingly STOPED on two occasions and every time she stoped her poor friend had them again . I’ve been buying a tiny bottle like the one you held up , which cost £50 from the company she recommended called MAXX4 but it’s mixed with SUNFLOWER oil as it’s carrier . That’s a lot of money for sunflower and hemp oil and I really thought at THAT price we were getting the real deal . So I will NOT be buying from them again . We both take it and it makes me heave trying not to be sick with the awful taste but I just get this feeling that the pure stuff with hemp oil as it’s carrier is not just more effective but will not taste this vile . Thank you so much I am always recommending your channel to others here in Cornwall, UK and folks in comment sections on YouTube , Linked In etc 🤗🐾♥️

  13. Doctor Porfavor podría traducir sus vídeos al idioma español me agradaría salvar la vida de mi gatito porque lo desahuciaron los veterinarios dijeron que probablemente tenga sida felino o corona virus felino PORFAVOR DOCTOR estoy muy apenada por ello me agradaría salvar la vida de mi gatito

  14. Hi I'm from Israel I just made an order from you for a cbd for my dog ​​hope it will cure him instead of overloading him with drugs that can help with one thing and do damage to another thing 🙏👍😇

  15. I need some help I live in GA USA and since I rescued my dog these have been problems extremely high anxiety.i have had success helping her know I will be back but I cannot get her to relax and not getting overly nervousness evening she is in-house. Please my vet will not talk with me about CBD oil. I have a Terrier Mix she is 23lbs.
    Does this help calm a dog down. She gave me Prozac for her anxiety I told her no improvement ,she started scratching like crazy.i always keep her liquid to help fleas , mosquito's and tics .I comb her check there is nothing she put her on atarax ,has helped some but I don't like all these pills. I do give her Cosequin DS only for her joints she strained her hind leg and I took advice from my son in-law he uses it's on his dogs .She is 2yrs old a strong dog for a 67 year old woman and today a mouse ran out and she pulled me over am brink wall and dragged me down a steep hill but I wouldn't let go. I got minor injuries. She a dog so natural instinct but she never just chills on walk except when she hurt her legs ..She is too young to keep hurting her legs because she gets so upset when she wants to go wild. I love her but does CBD help to calm her and the pain of spraining her legs.
    I love her but I don't want to give her a pill for everything. especially if I don't see any improvement. PLEASE help me
    My email is muzzi53@yahoo.com I know your busy but you are so well versed on the care of dogs. Please tell me what can be useful. Thank you so much

  16. CBD for pets works, I read that dogs have over a dozen CBD receptors in their body. All my dogs are on it for various ailments from arthritis to anxiety. My last rescue came to me with a list of meds including metacam for hip pain. Got rid of ALL the meds only CBD now and it works great!

  17. Hi Doc! I can't seem to find authentic CBD oil in my country instead, all I see i stores are Hemp Oils. Is this the same or close to CBD in terms of safety and efficacy? Thanks!

  18. Dr. Jones, Molly a couple years ago started showing symptoms. Of trachea collapse. She was a pound rescue her owner had surrendered her because she was dying of Parvovirus . She’s gotten to the point she can’t run without a flareup, the heat brings on a flareup. If she gets excited and barks a lot a flareup. Do you think CBD would be good for her. She wakes up every two hours at night to go to The bathroom she has me exhausted, is there anything you can recommend that you sell? To help with the symptoms of the trachea collapse symptom and to be sure adequate vitamins and minerals. Do you believe in the youth of Damascus earth ? I don’t use anything on her without consulting with you first. I heard this is good so that they don’t get heartworm or parasites. Thank you dog God 🖕🏻

  19. Come on people lets get Dr jones to a million subscriber's this guy is literally giving us thousands of dollars of information for absolutely nothing and unlike traditional veterinarians he cares about animals and not the bottom line 😍😍😍🐕🐩🐈

  20. Hi Doc I have been going back and fourth between should I get the powder which I am not sure the difference between advance and ultimate or should I just get the CBD he is 14 years and he has a great spirit but his back legs get so stiff ☹️ and he has allergies but you can’t not let my Faithful go on the grass 😢 please help which product should I use because pain killers just start to make him sick 🤕 and he is becoming sensitive to many meds so thank you for the new ear solution 🙌🏼

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