CBD, Cannabis And Epilepsy: Medical Cannabis To Treat Epilepsy and Seizures

Today we’re talking about cannabis and epilepsy. Cannabis has been used as a treatment of seizures and epilepsy for millennia and many different cultures and …


  1. I'm an adult with Epilepsy. My seizures are and have for the most part been very hard to control. I can no longer drive. I was wondering if vaping CBD interact in a bad way with Divalproex?
    The medication isn't working as well as it was so I started using CBD along side it. I have been on many many anti seizure medications and nothing has helped me control my seizures.

  2. My daugther has been taking epidiolex for a month and she is having a very bad reaction. Can you please talk about that. I’m desperate. She is having like the opposite reaction. She got hiperactive, she can not concentrate, loss of memorie, problems to fall asleep, and she talks non sense and acts crazy. Plus the seizures are still there

  3. I have been feeling my brain on fire and the antiseizure med doesn’t work when I have anxiety or I get very nervous so instead of getting additional meds I am going to give this a try first

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