CBD and COFFEE | Why it works and how to do it right

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  2. thanks for making this vid, super clear and i made me want to try cbd with coffee. any thoughts on Life Alive's cbd coffee (has coconut oil, cacao butter, bulletproof style)? also what does bulletproof style mean?

  3. Took 3/4 of 2ml cbd oil after double ecpresso shot (small) lattè before pre gym workout, Can vouch I can go further in my sessions. Am not buying energy drinks or oxyshred as before

  4. Great video. and thanks so much! but question is how do you do the CBD water soluble and highly body absorbent blend ?

  5. I wonder if cbd coffee will act as an antagonist towards thc when drank ..i use both i understand the thin line similarities differences and controversy ..I do know high thc strains contain some cbd but cbd wouldnt be the same molecule when heat hits it in the direction to the brain or when it metobolizes in the liver it changes structure doesnt it ?not actually just characterizing it by how the body is breaking it down more than recepting it because anything we eat or drink causes sometype of brain reaction or hormone so my question is is cbd lowers high when high on thc whats the point of even taking in high ammounts of cbd when the properties of the plant is meant for industrial and one is used for medicine now both are used for medicine and how they have it set up is you choose one or the other cannibis is not the only plant that produces cbd

  6. Cbd only works in a light roasted coffee – organically grown , because from a light roast brand grown in ( Africa/ Brasil / Peru or Guatemala / Columbia the antioxidants and polyphenols and caffeine are alive and not burned out.

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  8. The AMERICAN farmland and people were dumbed down over 80 years ago.
    When I say CBD is a ruse, Sorry, you are missing my point about the bigger picture. Pussyfooting around with outdoor female hemp plants is getting in the way of a real hemp industry getting rooted now! When a bunch of hippies coming running out and tell you your 50,000 acres of hemp are going to ruin their poor little female plants you can see the ruse I speak of. The farmland has always been used to control people and hemp has always offered the people independence.
    HEMP IS THE WAY and it is bigger than your puny little female hemp farming. Take all of that indoors and get out of the way. HEMP is a viable grain crop NOW without much equipment modification and needs to be grown Today.

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