Cannabis oil allowed for epilepsy patients

One family hopes this decision will change lives for the better.


  1. as a person who struggles with uncontrollable epilepsy that cant be controlled by medication the only option me and my doctor had to turn to was CBD oil and 6 years later I've only had less than 4 seizures ever since

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  3. Okla w/medical cannabis. Emoloyers cannot discriminate against an employee. The law. This is the new med, no chemicals for all. Gummies for non smokers. No child, no elders, not us for bunk medical. Medicare fraud, etc. Cannabis treats epilepsy, insomnia, anxieties, pain, Alzheimer's, dementia, anorexia & bulemia, (with tummy antibiotics usually one script) humiliation, abuse, PTSD, relieved with God's given herb. Laughter, and joy again realized. Chemicals are "man-made". Vote overwhelmingly. "Atticame1", 26 years on those deadly prescribed. Now with you to tell and support you. Blessings…😙

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