1. Uh, you’re supposed to fill the entire dropper and place it under your tongue for 30 seconds for the liquid droplet CBD. lmao Of course it didn’t work for you.

  2. This wasn't helpful at all.
    Not all products are made equally. Not everyone will respond to a product the same. It's a trail and error situation (just like prescription medications) as to what works best for each individual person.

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  5. Not a Dr. Oz fan at all, but I gotta give him props for putting this on air. Good for you. Please do episodes that focus on a low sugar/carb diet to regulate cholesterol levels. Fat is good.

  6. So you tried the capsules ( 4:104:49) ….1-2 capsules you say….. twice a day……but wait… what is the capsule SIZE or DOSE ?….. big missing info for an important part of this "information" …… !!! You also didn't say whether you took 1 ( or 2) at a time….and also if you did it twice a day. How does this help us with so much missing data ????

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  8. ok. Im confused,, and first this lady testing the products said…shes taken the rub and her back felt quite loose…then a few mintues later (the following days test} she said she had a lot of back pain the day before,eh. what?. you said your back was loose

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