Can CBD Help Improve My Gut Health And Digestion?

Can CBD Help Improve My Gut Health And Digestion? Investigative reporter Mara Schiavocampo uncovers new claims between CBD and gut health, and …


  1. Thanks for your insight on this crucial topic! A survey in 2018 of 71,000 Americans found that 61% had at least one bothersome gut symptom! The most symptom was acid reflux, then abdominal pain, then bloating!

  2. I’d be careful with non-prescription CBD products. I’ve tried them with little success and don’t know if you are getting the real thing or not. Want to try it, go get a prescription for it at a dispensary you will notice a difference.

  3. This is informative! I've been trying to search for a YouTube vid that informs everything in this vid! 👩‍⚕️ 🥼 That knowledge at 1:29 is so useful. Your video really is similar to the videos of Dr. Ethan. Doctor Ethan's explanations are for sure helpful and I learned a lot for my finals. He is an educational health enthusiast in Nottingham and he explains medical school and wellness!

    I recommend you check out his channel out and give the doc a like! ➡️ #DrEthanHealth

  4. Does taking CBD alone for 5 days, show results and help you with gut health? No, defibetly NOT! Everything you do, eat, excercise during those 5 days is going to effect those final results. I trusted Dr Oz to do better than this.

  5. I think that Dr Oz and his team should have done a much thorough job in explaining. CBD is a game changer for Holistic wellness with a natural plant based therapy. Recent studies show that there is a connection between the Gut health and oyr ECS system, specifically the CB1 and CB2 receptors. But CBD alone is not a wonder drug, your life style diet, excercise are all significant factors influencing overall health and well being. I wish the tests were done keeping that in mind.

  6. It's not about CBD tho
    The secret which apparently nobody tells you is that you have to eat, not smoke cannabis, to improve your gut health.
    The problems are because humans are used to eating cannabis from the past and the lack of this vegetable causes gut problems naturally.
    The cure is more because of activity of THCA on gastrointestinal endocann. receptors .
    Except for the ridiculous advice that you have to shove it up your ass and not merely eat it, this is one article i found:

  7. You need more than five days to let the cbd get into you system anyone who takes it needs to take it consistently and need to give it thirty days in order to decide … it takes time 5 days smh lol

  8. Great video. Given that your gut microbiome impacts everything (as we explore in-depth in our gut health guide), regardless of whether your illness has any gut-related symptoms. from your immune system to your skin to your brain function to your digestion, and even your mood and mental health, it’s so important to eat foods that are beneficial for it. 🙏

  9. Nature works but Docs aren't trained in natural products.They would have to find out what each patient needs for the dosage… They just write prescriptions for drugs that mask the symptoms, not really helping the actual problem. But they are there when we need antibiotics if it gets so bad that we actually do need to take them which is rare.

  10. I've been on CBD oil since 2016. It's made a huge difference in my overall health. My Labrador was on it for his arthritis as it relived his symptoms and allowed him to get back to being his rambunctious self. He lived comfortably until he was 15 years old. I've run into doctors who don't even know what the endocannabinoid system is. And just for an added bonus, I haven't had a cold sore since I started this journey. I suffered with them my entire life, almost monthly. My chronic stomach issues are so much better too.

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