Benefits of CBD Oil

In this video i covered 7 benefits of cbd oil. if you like this and want to know more comment down below and hit the subscribe button! Please talk to a health …


  1. Gave me a nasty stomach ache within 15 hours and only made me feel sleepy, didn't help my arthritis – My opinion is its just another snake-oil scam … Not regulated by the FDA, so it can be made anyplace, for all I know it could have contained rat piss – Don't waste your money.

  2. It's amazing of how many things CBD is good for 👌 I absolutely swear by it and use it myself and also give it to my cats…amazing stuff 4 sure

  3. Since you’ve been taking CBD oil for a lengthy time, I’m curious as to what brand you have tried that has proven to be the most helpful? Ive been using CBD oil for 4 months now and I’m already on company #3. I feel some of the positive benefits, but am still curious what has truly worked for others…

  4. Good stuff! Can't wait for the place you purchase your cbd from and how much you take. I've been debating takiung cbd for my spasms and lack of sleep. I also take gabapentin and would like to stop this as well. Hope that video comes out soon!!

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