1. Dear Sir/ Madam I Sunil Paul from India, Goa, a father of a Autistic Son aged 17 Yrs. He is as look as a narmal child has speech not having language, no expression, no instant reply, no social interaction. Will CBD oil useful for autistic boy, please guide.

    Warm Regard

  2. The only thing other than CBD that's had such a massive impact on my mental and physical health is shilajit. 85 ionic form of minerals, helps IBS and brain fog loads and enhances nutrient absorbtion due to fulvic and humic acid to name a few. The fatigue alleviation is so good too and post workout r recovery and hyperalgia. I've tried all the medicinal mushrooms and they help massively but the impact shilajit has on my symptoms is unrivalled and what it does for health.

    Magnesium too as we are deficient, vitamin D3 and k2, b12. These are the most important but I also take C, A (as retinyl palmitate as I'm vegan), E, others b's. I get my iodine and selenium from spirulina.

    Also omega 3 I always forget this because lack of it causes memory problems maybe lol but without it, ECS deficiency proliferates substantially.

  3. Just bought some 33.35 mg per pill they said help focus. I need ot for work really get distracted working in a warehouse I use thc trying to switch should I take only 1 ? I have 12hour shifts

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  5. I need advice. My boyfriend who I have been with for almost 3 years prabobly has Asberger. I say prabobly because he does not believe he has it but he does have a diagnose saying he does that he got from a proper doktors after all the tests and that. He is born 76 and I thing he got the diagnose when he was around 14 or so. In my eyes there is no doubt about it, I can state 100 things that points towards him having Aspbergers, like I said to me it's so obvious. Somethimes he can joke about him having it, as if in some degree he can actually take pride in it, like being hyper focused and having his big interests, as a example. Or that he has no need to be social with friends, etc. At one point about 5 years ago he vent to therapy cos of being stressed out and this therepist made a big impression on him. My partner says that the therapist had studied Asberger for 30 years, and after seeing him a few times she stated when he mentioned Aspberger and that he was diagnosed with it, the she believed he does not have it. And she offerd to take new tests to prove it. He declined, but now he uses this statement she did as a kind of evidence, that he does not have Aspberger, that the tests where wrong for x and y curcomstances. As his partner I am deeply troubled, since its hard to discuss his meltdowns, his social dificulties, sensory owerload, etc etc, when he is in this denial. And honestly, Im scared since, He can get easely angry if I can't make myself understood about exactly what im trying to say and why I bring it up. What do I do? I'm scared that I will upset him if I say that I believe he has Asberger or if I try to say "See what you just did is sooo typical Aspberger" I feel like he should be proud of who he is no matter if he has Aspberger or not. Right now I feel he is ashamed of having this diagnose, he has always been, but I can also feel like in certain times, he gives in and almost admits he think he has it too, but that he is mostly just ashamed of the diagnose. What do I do as his partner, I just agree and never speak of it or?

  6. I wouldn’t be able to take them as I find it hard to swallow tablets for some reason and I do not know why. I have to take liquid medication when I need it. Are those in liquid form for just how you showed them in the video?

  7. I'm pretty sure CBD is illegal where I live, or heavily regulated.
    "the federal government classifies anything that comes from the marijuana plant, including CBD, as a schedule 1 controlled substance, like heroin or LSD, it is illegal at the federal level"
    Edit to add: It looks like an old news article, but I am quickly overwhelmed before I can find out if CBD is legal where I live. A friend of mine suggested I try some to help me with my issues, but I dont want to do anything that will send me to jail.

  8. By the way I love how everyone is an expert on mental illnesses that are neuro typically. Trolls crack me up. Dan you don't have to defend yourself. Hugs 🤗🤗

  9. Do you have any advice for over and under sensitivities? My youngest keeps turning the hot water tap on in the bath even if I am there to stop it we have a 2 story apartment and sometimes I am chasing behinde to atop him. I will go in try get myself together at the same time! he doesn't really tend to even notice how hot it is until a a whole arm or leg goes in! It's exhausting! Just an example he also turns all the taps on and just giggles about it the bathroom ends up sounding like a water fall!

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