Back in Black – The CBD Craze | The Daily Show

Lewis Black dives into the CBD trend to find out whether it truly is as amazing as everyone seems to think it is. Subscribe to The Daily Show: …


  1. Cbd is the biggest Orwellian big brother lie out there. It does get you high depending on how you use it. I swear they just call it cbd, and it’s really just weak marijuana

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  3. I love Lewis Black and I love CBD, so it hurt my heart a bit to hear him say that it doesn't work on TV. We now have some very good anecdotal evidence that it works for almost everything, from emotional regulation to rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. Personally, CBD has greatly improved my quality of life as a sufferer of BPD.

    What doesn't work for me is CBD isolate. For my body, CBD must have at least 0.3 milligrams of THC for me to feel the full effect, and this is called "full spectrum" CBD.

    That being said, Lewis is a skeptic, so I understand why skepticism was his initial reaction. And the clips of him scaring the meditator and the guy in the shower were outrageously hilarious.

  4. Why do people beat around the bush, why the fuck can't they just legalize it totally.
    By giving products of CBD, u are only welcoming the entire world into the family of weed and once they get bored of CBD oil they will take it up a notch for sure.

    Next gen will not have breath analyzer for alcohol , every cop on highway will have a bloody test on roads to see if drivers are high.

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