1. I take THC to alter my perception of my chronic pain, and lots of CBD to help me tolerate the psychological effects, and to help with my disagreeable digestive system. I also love how THC boosts my appetite. I have always had a problem with eating, and it's just so practical. I could do with THC being more predictable. I hate that it can cause some really spooky and uncomfortable moments. My other options are pain meds, and I think that would be even worse. I'm afraid of being addicted/dependent on pain killers. Since starting THC with CBD I can get by with just an occasional 325mg Tylenol.

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  4. Cbd is great thc is better though but cbd is good for me when I go to sleep and when I have anxiety or panic attacks I have 0.3% thc cbd oil it’s full spectrum if w33d was legal where I am I would use that

  5. How/where can I get documented studies on how CBD helps with cancer? Tom MacDonald just release a song called "Cancer" about cancer. I want to shout out about CBD, but I am not a doctor, and I don't have any documented study that I can show people who point out that I am not a doctor and I don't have case studies. If any one that had cancer and used CBD and it helped, please check out Tom MacDonald's video and share your experience with CBD. Watch other peoples reaction to Tom MacDonald's video too.

  6. I think the mental health issues are coming from the shit growers. I buy mine from a hippie spot that does organic only. Been buying from them for a year and my panic attacks have been little-to-none.

  7. I'm a heavy marijuana user, I smoke wax and trees. I wake and bake, with wax and trees. I take big rips on the bong and I'm not stingy when I pack bowls. I smoke before I free dive and after too. I ride my bike a few mikes and do winter sports also. Through it all I smoke. I hope I got my point across with how much I smoke. Now Marijuana in it's pure form with cbd and thc is the best, it can be the cheapest stress you can buy. But if it comes with cbd and thc it's better than the pricier stuff. The taste is what people care for now a days. If you want to go sleep, smoke indica. If you want to stay up, smoke sativa. Oh and me and my heavy smoking pot friends don't have any mental issues, or health problems cus of the marijuana. Experimenting would be the best data you can ever gather. I experiment with lsd and shrooms on an occasion, I found lsd can take away pain even if you broke your shoulder.

  8. folks, on youtube……"is CBD being suppressed" Listen to how severe my adult children are and hear about the miracle CBD provided my kids!!!!!!!! CBD & Cannabis are not of the Hippies or the 60's anymore!!!!!!!

  9. It’s probably a placebo effect, if it’s not scientifically supposed to make you sleep better and it does is probably just power of suggestion or just a downright placebo

  10. 5:55 – the smelly organic compounds in cannabis ( Terpenes/ sesquiterpenes / monoterpenes) help augment the metabolic expression of the heavier more stable cannabinoids ( meroterpinoids) … the half life of the sesquiterpenes provide a more long lasting form of metabolism for the more fast acting phytocananbinoids … known as entourage / cannabimimetics

  11. I’m in my 60s and CBD oil saved my life I have RA with huge inflammation and pain, I sent for CBD oil and within an hour the pain was better and the inflammation is all but gone. Now we have to keep the big pharmaceutical companies out of it with their big awful chemical

  12. Cbd is a great tool! I have anxiety and depersonalization and if I'm having issues on any given day, Cbd helps me calm down and get level headed. Thc isn't legal where I live, but I think it has great side-effects for so many! Great video!

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