5 Common CBD Vaping Mistakes

Common CBD vaping mistakes to watch out for are covered in this video. Vape and Juice TV look at the top 5 mistakes for CBD newbies. 1. Working out the …


  1. I use CBD with nicotine in the same pod and it works great for me and it makes me not feel sick from the nicotine buzz but I know that is not the case for everyone

  2. I can confirm that the CBD e-liquid will run out of the inhale holes, is there a way to fix that? I already bought the device and can't return it; I don't want to get stuck with something and not use it.

  3. I got a thing(start kit) called DISQ/DISC and it says CBD 300mg, and NT WT: 1ML. IDK if it means 30% CBD? Since you said "250mg for 10ml = 2.5%"??
    Also how much is safe to smoke for a normal person at least.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, I just got CBD e-liquid and did buy a separate device that hasn't been used for other e-liquids. Plus I don't need to blow big clouds of CBD at my home just to relieve my arthritis.

  5. i bought a cbd bottle vape liquid with 500 mg of cbd isolate, i mix it with other vaping flavors liquids, obviously with no nicotine, and tastes so good, i vape all day long lol while on my job or working out, sad thing is when i smoke weed and then i vape, it removes my high

  6. Im not sure how im suppose feel but I feel calm and my eyes feel heavy. I vape 3mg nicotine snd added my bottle 500mg and 30ml ot saids to drop 3 to 8 drops my tank is 4.8ml and I put 1 full dripper of cbd oil im guessing that's 8 or 10

  7. First time trying CBD. I must admit it has helped with my osteoarthritis after only 2 top ups! Why is a smaller Vape better than a bigger one? Got a bit confused there on the post 🙂

  8. Only thing im saying is when does a tested dosage of cbd mean its less because its hemp. Im pretty sure hemp has more cbd by weight than sensi does

  9. Not sure about your assertion that under your tongue (sub lingual) goes into your GI system before getting to work. Sub lingual offers a more direct route to bloodstream, that's why it is used for certain medication like GTN and lorazepam which requires faster effect.

  10. Just got some of the AK47 from your site, looking forward to first try of strain based Terpenes.. now just waiting until the real deal is legal lol..

  11. I am thinking of getting mini semi mech mod for my wasp nano rda and use it just for cbd. However, why can't i mix it up with my nicotine liquid? Also can i add sweetener? I am thinking of getting 30ml, 3000mg/ml

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