40 Ways to Market Your CBD Business Locally

Summary Whether you are starting in the CBD Industry or aiming to expand or enhance your CBD marketing strategies, you should consider selling or …


  1. How would I get a referral from doctors and physicians for my retail store? Should I just call them? I would be very grateful for any suggestions

  2. I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to this back to back. Thank you for sharing great content. I have also ordered the sampler pack, bath bombs and the gummies! Absolutely great products! We'll be partnering in the near future.

  3. I can only Say I love your content very very informative I think I started my way into this business the wrong way after listening to you. I actually thought the web site method was the way now I see that local marketing is a no brainer I wonder how much they will charge me I only have ten 16 oz. jars of gummy’s to start with do you have suggestions for this small amount probably word of mouth and friends I’m thinking because I don’t think I have enough product to be sold in someone’s store.?

  4. Thanks for the excellent content here. I've had such a hard time getting FB ads approved, it's a PITA!! If you’re looking for some CBD Marketing
    content check this out: @t

  5. Can someone with CBD/vape/smoke shop experience in the online retail business take a look at my site ? I got rechecked by BOA when applying for a merchant… the AVP that did it was the most disrespectful and had zero compliance or professionalism, and she did even put the right industry sector in my application and now it’s rejected can you guys please check out http://www.shopdado.com and let me know what Yal think ???

  6. Why are stores in Texas still being raided? I don’t get the confusion with the law enforcement agencies because they clearly still see it under the controlled substance act? So the DA can still prosecute you under Texas laws

  7. Great content, excellent suggestions. What I love the most is that I find a lot of people in this business are willing to help each other out.

    I run a CBD retail business over in Jersey, would be more than happy to connect with you, or anyone for that matter. Might be looking to stock some of those soft gels soon 👀. I’ve also been thinking about starting a CBD business group to help counter what some of the big pharma companies are pushing to try to stop or slow the acceptance of CBD / Cannabis. Let’s connect!

  8. Second question: what level of working knowledge do you recommend a person have prior to sitting down with a potential retail partner? Now I fully understand the perils of “paralysis by analysis” but I do want to have at least a minimal competence level on the subject of CBD, the ECS and how and why CBD works for the ailments I am recommending them for. Do I need to be a physician ? Probably not, but I do feel the need to be able to speak eloquently and be able to answer some mid-tier questions? Yes, yes I do.

  9. Todd, what is the best method by which to make that first introduction to a doctors office, spa, gym, etc. do you generally do walk-ins or do you like to go the traditional route and contact them via phone/email and set up an appointment? Or a mixture of both.

    Going in, do you recommend consignment or Net-15/30 or COD?

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