2-Minute Neuroscience: CBD

CBD is one of a class of compounds known as cannabinoids, which are found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC (the main psychoactive component of cannabis) …


  1. CBD is really amazing but for anxiety, energy, pain management and stress kratom is even better!
    I have tried every kind of kratom here in Indonesia and there is no question about it that the original wildly grown one is every way better than those farmed one´s and basically every kratom in the market is farmed one. Here is one local project called Borneo Energy that is sourcing only this wild grown kratom (and Tongkat Ali). It makes more work compared to harvesting it from the farms but this is more nature-friendly, because kratom farming is destroying some areas from the important rainforests. So with all reasons I recommend this one, can find it from borneo.energy

  2. ive gotten psyched high off of good cbd hemp flower, theres some BS in the air about cbd being non-psychoactive. psychoactivity is active in the brain who doesnt want that in the first place wake up people legalize the plant as is

  3. Doesn't CBD also have protective effects against strokes? I remember seeing far less damage from induced strokes in rats administered CBD compared to controls.

  4. i know people that have tried CBD and everyone has had a bad reaction to it (e.g. extreme paranoia) but it’s meant calming?

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