1. At the 1:01:00 point of this video, until about the 1:08:00, there's an interesting discussion about Plasma Lighting. What happened to Plasma Lighting? It's great but it seems like 99% of manufacturers aren't interested in the Plasma tech.

  2. Intro 2:06 Portland Indo Expo recap 3:35 seed rippers/ trademarking 14:20 sponsor shout outs 20:40 Suny Cheba calls in during SHN shout out 24:00 Leafly sucks 27:19 get any nuggets at the show? 33:45 Purple plants? 40:54 when did you make seeds? 46:45 mis-information online? 50:18 oregon medical? 1:01:00 anything else stand out at the show?/ lighting 1:11:57 oldest plant you got? 1:13:32 who else you work with? 1:16:05 CBD 1:24:55 dominant CBD strains? 1:32:05 cannabis as an exit drug 1:34:20 oregon decriminalized all drugs 1:36:50 Snow High calls in and talks purples 1:40:26 fav landrace? 1:46:08 where u from? 1:49:10 how’d you get your landraces? 1:54:03 still strain hunting? 2:00:52 timing when working with landraces? 2:05:32 Suny asks Snow High about germinating old seeds? 2:13:42 what’s new coming out? 2:18:33 old hazes/ nld’s 2:25:15 emerald cup? 2:26:50 what’s next? 2:29:00 ADSI?!? 2:32:30 Adam wraps the show

  3. Your beard reminds me of a guy that played bass in my dad's band. He could extend the bass range with vis voice when the bass guitar couldn;t go any lower.

  4. I worked at Google from 2003 to 2005 we smoked weed at work all the time. Every Friday we had keggers with vodka shots and hurricane. Google is like cyberdyne now. 😒

  5. Would you guys consider doing an episode on "The History of Haze"? There's a lot of contradicting info about it online but it seems really interesting. I'd also like to know where the NYC Haze/Piff/Puday came from and was it a Neville's haze or a bagseed from the original haze brothers

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