1. Listen to 2.5 hours of interview to hear Duke speak about 3 words. Let your guests talk pleaseeeeeeeee. Have a separate podcast where you ask yourself questions if you wanna hear yourself talk

  2. aha, here I recently brought back to back in the say, mid 90-s, the Silver Haze.
    I loved those "cutting edge of practical Haze genetics" back in the day. Coming out of Sensi Seeds, the NL/Haze hybrids.
    I missed their experience when I could smoke a joint just about anywhere, an it smelled so sweet, u wouldnt knew what it was if u didnt know any better lol. Smoking small joints of Haze on perverts row at the strip clubs.
    Apparently Adam didnt necessarily have the same Haze experience lol.

  3. Dabbing some Purple Chem and watching this, some of the best tasting terps I have ever had. Straight CHEM and then basically the same exact taste of the fake "kiddie wine" that you and your siblings would drink with your cousins at holiday parties. This product was acquired at a Chicago dispensary. The Illinois market is finally starting to get something going, but we badly need more genetic diversity. We just elected a weed friendly Governor and its already improving. The previous POS Gov had his veto overridden when he tried to destroy medical cannabis.

  4. Honestly I went to 3 cannabis cups and smoked everybody's weed. Garret, Tony, Adam, Alan, Arian, you name it. Soma grew his weed better than everyone else IMO. Tasted better and got u higher. Just saying the NYC diesel from Somas hands was super fire. Also grew out the NYC diesel x G/13 haze and it was awesome. So was Reclinnig Buddha.

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