1. Adam, you were pretty obnoxious in this "interview", barely listen to the dude, constant talking over him, side talk… that was real bad man. He deserved a much more respectful interview, you could see how uncomfortable he was when you kept drifting in and out, talking to everyone else in the room.

  2. Sadly this guy is half full of shit. This isn't the 80's anymore. Like at 2:22:00 he talks about making and selling a table. ehhh you are talking to growers dude, He said 36 plants per 1000HPS… He hesitates too often. I just think Frank had the money and construction end of things, he had to have someone else doing the growing. However I do respect him going big, and I respect adam and them for half ass humoring him. But yeah Frank needs to drop the I know the growing secrets act.

  3. Very interesting interview! However, I have to say… The last hour of this was absolutely terrible. Adam Dunn must have SEVERE ADHD. The way he kept interrupting Mr. Gegax was very disrespectful. We could known more about the strains the man bred, more about the smell, the origins, etc. I can't count how many times that he just literally started get into conversation and depth and Dunn starts interrupting him. He had just started to explain remaking his strain while he was in Canada and boom! The classic Dunn cock block… You would have many more fans and views if you practice getting control over that issue. I can't help not to say something… C'mon dude…

  4. Few things for the record: Gegax says he took seeds from every guy in town 27:08, he also says he got seeds from Hawaii, and New York (for second crop). Yet as soon as he says the ONLY seeds he ORDERED were from Amsterdam Adam assumes that ALL the strains were from Amsterdam. Also he says that when the arizona sites got busted his partner was making a NEW batch of seeds at a smaller operation in Cali, thus confirming that they were doing breeding rather than simply cloning the same cross over and over. Gegax confirms that they were doing it to make it stronger, and says it was too strong for him to smoke. He says "this was different" and that he couldn't walk if he smoked it. He says normally you could smoke mexican and just eat a pizza but this was not like that. This seems (speculation) that Afghani strains are involved, as it produces a narcotic like effect. And considering how concerned Gegax was with fast grow cycles, they may have introduced more Afghani crosses to reduce flowering time as well.
    Frank's daughters claim (in the show called weasel and diesel) that at the breeding site in cali, they were so advanced that they were doing tissue culture back in '89-90. To be illegal operation doing that kind of work in the late 80s is absolutely unprecedented. Tissue culture also allows for more plant quality improvement by having more clonal variation.
    Now he says that his strain was (NL#5 x Skunk#1 x Big Bud) but they never ask about any other stains, or about what he was breeding (he says you cant make money from seed only clone, yet they were producing seeds, so they were obviously breeding new strains or selfing). Its clear that he had plenty of Mexican, Hawaiian, and whatever genetics he got from new york. To have something test at 27% THC you need something besides seeds from Amsterdam, NOTHING in Amsterdam had those kind of numbers, not even close. Plenty of people ordered from Amsterdam in those days but as far as we know no one had that kind of potency in those days, it just doesn't add up. Why would Gegax be sent seeds by the guy at the breeding house right before it was busted, and why would Gegax take a risk and stash them on his property before he went to jail if those seeds were just some basic Amsterdam strains? They obviously had something so special that they went to great lengths to keep it. He admits that his distribution was huge by admitting how many pounds were being produced a month so this 27% stuff was not just staying in Cali/Arizona.

    Speculation ahead:
    Now to try to connect this to the Chemdog (speculation), it would make sense that near the end of production (1990) pounds of this 27% variety were going out, and we know the ONLY stain confirmed to be found in a bag of extremely strong commercial pot in '90– and which tests at over 25% THC today–is the Chemdog. Gegax went to jail in 91 and so it also makes sense why Pbud mike and Chemdog never saw more of the Dog Bud floating around, and they knew what to look for because the smell and taste is so unique. Pbud mike and Chemdog were told that the 'Dog Bud' was called that because it would make even the heaviest smoker roll over like a dog, which is very similar to how Gegax describes his weed. Pbud and Chemdog also talk about how the Dog Bud was obviously Indoor weed by the look of it, and was obviously professionally grown.
    By how Chemdog grows and looks, it seems like a (Thai x Hash x skunk) cross, as it exhibits qualities of all three depending on the phenotype or growing environment. Frank's Daughter claims she was given seeds from the operation by a unnamed person after her dad got busted and they were labeled Thai/Hash. These seeds were specifically given to her, and another mysterious person would be set to pick them up from her a few days later (this is while her dad is in prison). So these seeds were obviously important. She says that the (NL#5 x Skunk#1 x Big Bud) was "what he started with."
    So to speculate further, its possible that chemdog was actually a successful cross between Franks elite (NL#5 x Skunk#1 x Big Bud) X (Thai x hash plant), as such a cross would explain the growth characteristics of the Chemdog as well as the effect it produces. The Chem grows long and produces herms like a Thai, it has a ton of resin like a hash plant, and certainly has some crazy skunky smell to go along with the gass/oil smell. The effect is a strong cerebral high from the thai, and strong body high from the hash/afghani. Most people would agree that (NL#5 x Skunk#1 x Big Bud) is not enough to have 27% THC and the type of narcotic effect that Frank describes in this video. It would be interesting to have Frank smell and taste some Chemdog, he might be able to tell us if its familiar. But of course because he wasn't doing the breeding personally, its possible that the chem was created vary shortly before he got busted, and that would explain the unique smell and taste that was never referenced before 1990 and never seen again after 1991. Ether way, we can thank Chemdog for popping the Dog Bud bagseed and allowing us to experience the chem today, a strain we definitely know to be an ultra elite strain that existed in 1990. So if it wasn't Franks strain, then someone else in 1990 was breeding some absolute fire and stopped producing it in 1991. Its also possible that someone else used Franks 27% THC strain for their own cross that later became Chemdog/Dog bud (either from taking it from the operation or finding bag-seed and crossing it).

    So to recap, the timeline of Chem and Franks super strain lines up, the potency lines up, the effect produced lines up, the distribution lines up, the growing conditions line up, and the lineage is plausible if Frank was in fact also working with the Thai/Hash also. *Also I'm not trying to be Dave Richards here btw, he was clearly speculating also, but he tried to present it as fact, which is an issue*

  5. I will also be bringing a strain from idlib called al grab them by the pussy. It will first be offered at the jerusilum of pharmacy's for brain injuries al malekite😂

  6. That house in Arizona i got sent to! It's a shelter for kids with problems as a kinda alternative to jail. I saw the room with pipes coming outta the wall. They had the pictures of when it was busted… 13 year old me was hooked! I'm so glad i found this episode

  7. You never stop at the point you guys should have!! If you want to, please help me out with growing!!? Everyone will tell you what ever, they look at me for the answer, which will never be given!!! So help ME PLEASE!!??

  8. Man it was a good conversation for about the first hour and then everything kind of falls apart guys.
    It would have been nice in my opinion if you have a lot more specific questions answers I know it was really kind of hard to keep things on track but I didn't really get any of the questions that I had personally answered which is kind of a shame but hopefully I can hook up with Frank in the future thanks for the effort guys

  9. 3 lbs a month out of 3 thousand watts isnt that hard so i dont know what this guy is talking about…lol 36 little clones under a 1000 watt would be nice though, so long since i've seen sea of green style, lots of scrogs with big plants but the 80's sog is hard to come by.. cool show big up from southern Ontario

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