1. if still looking for an intern, im pretty sure I check all the boxes and more.. im a grower amatuer breeder also, but Id be down to hook up with you guys.. hit me up at hagstrom1025@gmail.com if interested.

  2. Jeremy and Coot: Would you be able to arrest the corn germination by putting the corn kernels in a vacuum oven at 110-115 Fahrenheit for an amount of time? Just curious if you've been high enough to try this. 😉 god bless

  3. This totally mirrors my case of seeing Fungus Gnats and then seeing a mite like crawlers and assuming ROOT APHIDS OH NO!!! But what it was, was a Gnat vs Hypoaspis Miles battle! Hypos won! Happened on my next run too! Blessed with those littles guys naturally!
    Question I'd like answered will Nematodes hurt Hypo-Miles population? How about Neem Oil and Miles?? How about Chitin and Miles??? Now that I have them i want to keep them !

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