🌈CBD vape pen kit REVIEW & UNBOXING | CBDFive

I reviewed the CBDFive RAINBOW vape pen kit to see how it compares to some of the other CBD vapes I’ve tried. In this review, I share my experience and …


  1. Do you get high like when you roll a blunt?? 😩😩 I f**king need this if I can get same results like smoking my blunt 💨💨 how many fills before I can get high??

  2. It's not about how much smoke you can blow out. All young people doing these videos their eyes looking around as they puff in expecting something magical to be happening is comical.

  3. Vape pens seem very easy to use. I have used cbd vape that I bought from deluxeleaf.com. I am suffering from anxiety and it helps me a lot. I keep an eye on all CBD products available out there. You have provided all the information about the product perfectly.

  4. I’ve done my research and I read that you’re not supposed to vape actual cbd oil because they make cbd vape juice that’s thinner and it doesn’t have the same effect when you vape the wrong stuff.

  5. From my research I got that you’re not supposed to vape actual cbd oil but you can vape the cbd vape juice hopefully you did and we’re just saying oil on accident

  6. I prefer THC carts but I do want to try a CBD cart. I’ve tried a CBD pre roll before and I didn’t like it because of the taste so I’m curious about CBD carts. I use THC carts for my anxiety and chronic depression

  7. I have a question. Are you supposed to hold down the button to vape? I know it has a preheat mode but I've seen other ppl hold down the button when they puff. I dont wanna burn out the oil or anything. Sorry I'm new to this

  8. Been doing CBD pens for months feel no effects NOW all negative stuff on news about vaping?? probably will buy no more..have spent over $200. in last yr ..no effects..no stop of pain ..seems all BS..yes $$$ was on different CBD s

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