1. Just paid £50 for a small bottle of double strength ( what ever that is ) by a company called MAXX 4 , produced in Spain and it’s STILL mixed with sunflower oil ??? So I’m sacking that company as I want the pure real stuff for my friend and I

  2. CBD is now available for Dogs, Cats, Household Birds and all Domesticated Animals. 

    Pets of all sizes and ages can consume CBD and avail it’s benefits. 

    Usage – Mix it in Pet Food or just add drops on treats and serve. 
    Hempstrol's Super Potency CBD oil for Pets is the ultimate health supplement for our furry
    friends! It's Made In Colorado, USA. 
    It's a Full Spectrum Extract and is made by our finest Oil Extractors having an experience of 25 years. We are only committed to bringing you products that are of top-notch quality! 

    Head over to CBD Store India (cbdstore.in) to learn more!!!
    CBD Store India.
    Your Bliss is our Relief.

  3. Is CBD oil from marijuana with THC safe and good for cat with cancer? Is there a difference between CBD from Hemp and CBD from Marijuana? I have zero knowledge of all this but i really want to help my cat who has carcinoma of his ear. His ear was surgically removed but the cancer came back again. It is an aggressive kind of cancer. Please help! God bless you.

  4. For a cheap tincture with 300 milligrams of CBD per 30 milliliters of oil check out "Sonoma Valley CBD" based out of Alburqueque, New Mexico. I paid only $6 for my first order, and I also got capsules of CBD (10mg each in a bottle of 30) and the product is undiluted, pure as can be and incredibly effective for helping me sleep and ease restless legs at night.

  5. I see lots of CBD product being advertised by sellers – just saying it has "great medicinal value" and has great benefit, doesn't mean anything. Can you provide peer-reviewed research that objectively supports the claims?

  6. It’s good for them but it keeps them sleeping or just super lazy relax all day. A friend used to hive it to his Bull terrior of 10 years when he started gettimg sick .

  7. Amazing video thank you so much for that discovery. I wanted to test the brand you propose in the video "Pet Releaf" but they are not delivering in Europe (im living in Portugal), hopefully i found this website http://www.plantandhemp.com i share with you guys just in case you are in the same situation than me. Have a great day everyone ! <3

  8. Who Knew? Thank you this was a good video & if it helps to ease some kind of sickness or disease,this sounds great in treat form.I will most def. Go to a pet store & purchase a package or 2.Thanks,guyz.🐩

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