VIDEO: Bill legalizing recreational marijuana in CT moves through Senate, heads to House

Early this morning, Connecticut took an important step towards legalizing recreational marijuana.


  1. For our children i say vote NO.
    How old are his kids.. get the fook out of here old man we need that money to help the state after this covic19 turned everything upside down
    I bet he wants tax to go up to fix the gap.

  2. Just another reason to leave Connecticut and take my money with me. The “greed” and “stupidity” of the “pimps and hors” calling themselves Democrats all the while exploiting a Marxist agenda aimed at controlling a population in a depressed economy is their only concern. A drastic increase in “organized crime” will in short time control the “cost and distribution” within the state. A drastic increase in deaths and violence will follow. You don’t get this type of co-operation from elected officials without them receiving a “serious payday” (bribe) from those evil doers who’s existence depends on “exploiting” weak people and the misfortune of others ! They’re parasites.

  3. Finally!!!! Now finish passing the bill for land to ride ATV’s on. These two things ruined my childhood and caused many court dates! I don’t even smoke anymore either. But I sure do ride!

  4. What will the laws 🤔 do to make sure people are not behind the wheel of an automobile? Add alcohol and lapses in judgment increase. The term "pot head" is real. Please honor the safety of every person first before giving a free pass to Marijuana. You can expunge records without legalizing. The harder part is the lieing by people so they can do whatever they want instead of acting like responsible adults.

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