Veterans Explore Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana for PTSD

PTSD is not on the list of approved illnesses that are able to obtain a medical marijuana prescription under state law. A panel of eight medical professionals was …


  1. Many veterans suffer from alcoholism to get rid of PTSD and many other mental conditions and this leads to other health conditions the fact of the matter is that this oil can get rid of all those conditions and reverse your health in a matter of days.

  2. It's not just used for these things not only does it cure cancer vision problems but it grows new brain cells and new nervous cell system problems it reduces inflammation and virtually every area of the body that causes damage so if you have inflammation in the pancreas or information in the kidneys if you have heart conditions and lung conditions it will help resolve all of these issues at the same time it will lower your blood pressure and the list goes on and on I for one haven't been able to eat properly for many years I know if I have the medicine it will bring my eating disorder back into a ray resolve my pancreas inflammation eliminate the massive pains in my stomach the bloating everything my life will become normal again. I know that this oil will save my life I need it very much.

  3. Anyone doesn't that doesn't know that RSO oil can cure almost every disease known to man needs to do a little more research! I am a veteran and I have been fighting an uphill battle for veterans to be able to get this life-changing oil for many years and finally in Kansas City. Medical marijuana is now legal only on the Missouri side so far as I know but this is the hospital that my mother died in was in Missouri. I am a veteran and I have been a huge advocate for this life-changing oil for many years RSO oil. But it has not been available for veterans! Now maybe things will change hopefully!

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