Top 5 CBD Brands to Buy 2021: Details, Favorite Products and More

The internet is full of CBD brands claiming they’re the best, so how do you determine which ones really source the best CBD oil and put their money where their mouth is?

Welcome to this mini buyer’s guide of 2021’s best CBD brands.

Here’s a snapshot of the top CBD brands we’ll be discussing ahead, but be sure to read on for the need-to-know details and what makes each one different.

  1. HempFusion
  2. Ananda Hemp
  3. Tonic
  4. Cured Nutrition CBD
  5. Verma Farms CBD

We’ve curated this list of 2021’s top CBD oils so you can buy CBD online with confidence that you’re getting a trusted, top quality  product. So first, let’s dive into the criteria we used in our research to find the best CBD brands.. 

What Makes A Good Brand?

When you’re looking for the best CBD brands, there are a few things you need to keep your eyes peeled for. Many of these criteria should be easily accessible on the website for the CBD product you’re buying. However, if you can’t find the information, we feel confident in saying you should probably “look elsewhere.” There are a few top CBD brands that we know with certainty value trust and transparency enough to offer this information right on their site.

Number 1: The best CBD brands utilize premium hemp strains. 

Like number one on our list below, HempFusion uses only DNA-verified, organically grown hemp to create its products. Of course, not every brand will shoot you straight when it comes to what’s actually in the hemp extract, so you might have to look a little deeper for those three little words, which you’ll find in the next point. 

Number 2: When you buy CBD oil online, you want to make sure it’s been third-party lab tested with results that you can look at with your own eyes. 

While third-party lab testing might not sound super sexy, it’s how you make an informed choice about the brands you’re supporting. Not all CBD brands are created equally, so you can verify their claims by checking out the Certificate of Analysis that should be available for every batch of the product. 

Number 3: Good manufacturing practices are also worthwhile to examine. 

Perhaps you have no idea about CO2 or ethanol extractions, and that’s ok. Take a peek at the brand’s business practices. How do they farm the hemp? How do they turn it into CBD oil? What kind of facilities do they use? The best CBD brands will be able to share this information with you because they’ve got nothing to hide. 

Keep reading if you want to learn about the five best CBD brands of 2021.

The Best CBD Brands Of 2021 

When we say these are the best CBD brands, we mean the best. We’re looking at lab-testing, organic farming practices, good manufacturing practices that don’t involve pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and all that nasty stuff you don’t want in your body. And so you can get excited about these top CBD brands, we’re highlighting the entire brand as a whole. We definitely encourage you to hop over to their sites to browse around for the best products for you. 

1. HempFusion

HempFusion – The Future Of CBD is an industry leader committed to bringing you the absolute best CBD products on the market today, anywhere. We know that’s a big claim, but it’s not without backing. Dr. Jason Mitchell, N.D., is the co-founder and CEO of HempFusion and has been in the wellness space for most of his career and is a leader in the hemp education space. 

Since its inception, HempFusion has been committed to creating a solid, organically grown product, and they give you full transparency into their supply chain and process. When you receive your product, you can even scan a QR code on the bottle that will bring you to ALL the details about the very product in your hand.

And in alignment with our CBD brand review criteria above, Hempfusion products are always manufactured in cGMP facilities, third-party, ISO-certified lab-tested, and undergo the most stringent compliance and quality measures to make sure nothing but the goodness of this plant reaches your body. 

On their website, you’ll find their popular tinctures, capsules for sleep, energy, and stress support, along with topicals for sports pain relief, eczema, and so much more. 

You can purchase HempFusion broad-spectrum CBD here

2. Ananda Hemp 

Ananda Hemp is 100% Kentucky-grown hemp. It is a team that also believes in setting the standard for how CBD brands should operate. Always federally compliant, this high-end CBD brand also uses organic farming practices like HempFusion. You don’t have to settle when it comes to CBD. A major difference between HempFusion and Ananda Hemp is that Ananda Hemp uses an ethanol extraction method instead of CO2 extraction. If you’re a CBD nerd like us, you may have your own extraction preferences. 

Like all of these brands, Ananda Hemp is third-party lab tested to ensure it’s always free from contaminants like pesticides, mold, and heavy metals. 

Customer favorites include CBD capsules, CBD gummies and topicals. 

You can buy CBD from Ananda Hemp here

3. Tonic 

Tonic was born out of the founder’s desire to find an alternative solution to managing her stress and moods. She had used ashwagandha for years and decided to give CBD a try. She dubbed it “fake weed” when first testing it out and then realized this powerful hemp plant actually worked to boost her mood. She combined these adaptogens to help support her everyday wellness while learning all she could about the endocannabinoid system. She still has a tincture called the “O.G.” that combined ashwagandha and CBD, and it was the product that kickstarted the entire brand and line of CBD products. 

Tonic offers various beautifully crafted CBD products, from tinctures to skincare products you can get excited about. 

You can buy Tonic CBD products here

4. Cured Nutrition 

Cured Nutrition CBD products have beautiful packaging that holds much more than CBD. They are a container of intention, stewards of the hemp plant, and committed to creating lasting change for the world through this powerful plant. Like many CBD brands, Cured was founded by experts who were looking for an alternative health option for themselves due to underlying issues like stress, depression, and worry. While CBD brands aren’t required to offer third-party testing, we’d never include a brand that didn’t comply with those standards on this list. Cured is always third-party lab tested and always grown in Colorado. 

Cured Nutrition offers tinctures, salves, balms, gel caps, teas, and even pet products. 

You can purchase these products here

5. Verma Farms

Verma Farms CBD is a “Hawaiian-inspired” company committed to the conscious growing, cultivation, and creation of CBD products. Always third-party lab tested, these CBD products are powerful and also playful. You know those colorful sour gummy worms you used to love as a kid (*and as an adult*), Verma Farms has its own CBD version. How fun! We love a brand committed to transparency, and you’ll find that with this lovely brand. 

At Verma Farms, you can buy CBD gummies, dried fruit, topicals, oils, and more right here.

The Takeaway

While the choices were many, it was a no-brainer choosing these companies to represent the five best CBD brands of 2021. Whether you are buying CBD oil online or looking for playful gummies, this list will keep you satisfied for a long time to come. Always remember, you never have to sacrifice quality or transparency when choosing a CBD brand because they exist right here. 

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