The Potential Benefits of Medical Marijuana | Dr. Alan Shackelford | TEDxCincinnati

Medical marijuana isn’t devil weed or the cure for everything. Find out what it really is, and what it can really do. Dr.Alan Shackelford shows us. FB: Amarimed of …


  1. I don't really know why I was being infected  with Idiopathic  pulmonary fibrosis, my Dad died of this illness and it really affects me emotionally  because my Dad never had the opportunity  to use Dr Madida herbal treatment from YouTube. It was Dr madida herbs that I used that cured me .

  2. I know that I ones doubted herbal medicine even Dr Madida, so is everyone I believe  but right now I don't longer doubt it again especially the herbal medicine from Dr Madida on YouTube which cured my idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

  3. Cannabis is a medical necessity for all those of us who have been consuming metabolically poisonous Vegetable oils in our diets. The solution is to go vegan and take cannabis supplementation until you are better while getting all vegetable oils out of your diet. You can use some polysaturated oil, that in animal products if you are not quite so worried about living as long as reasonably possible while remaining perfectly healthy.

  4. Marijuana was originally invented by Indians and Indians are a lot than us and a lot healthier than us and they've been using marijuana for years,this probably explains why they're so healthy.

  5. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. I am no longer a smoker of marijuana or user of anything. Vitamins and Lysine and a "blue moon" aspirin have helped me through some rough infections. I have not tried the liquid cannabinoid yet. Here in CA marijuana is a usual remedy for everything. I know it can help control seizures and poor motor coordination. Much success in your practice.

  6. StrengthenS The Vedas classify OM as the original sound of creation.. the Ana-Hatha (or Non-Struck) sound.. OM is the vibration

    that pervades throughout the universe.. On a more fundamental level, AAH, OOH, MMM are the only THREE sounds

    one can make without using one's tongue (again Ana-Hatha, no clicking or rolling of the tongue)..There is no YOGA

    without understanding the bridge (OM) that connects the Atma to the ParamAtma or Brahmaan.

  7. I started lexapro (20mg per day) and i was never able to orgasm even though my depression subsided. I started MM and I have zero issues, in fact several benefits aside from orgasming. My relationship with my spouse has improved SO much.

  8. Medical Marijuana is beneficial to us and can be utilized to remedy headaches, cure asthma, pain relief, and depression. As of today, many states are now legalizing cannabis because of its medical benefits.

  9. Cannabis oil is the all time medicine given to man by God ,I don't use and pharmaceutical companies product ever but only THC oil for Decades,these pharmaceuticals synthetic drugs are killers

  10. I took rx psych meds for 22yrs for everything ranging from bi-polar, PTSD, ADD, agoraphobia, major depression and so on.. Also various meds for neuropathy, including opiates… They either didn't work, made the condition worse, or caused horrific side effects… I tried vaporizing med cannabis, and 20 minutes later I started to cry because it was the first time I felt "normal" and my back didn't hurt… I've been off all the psych and pain meds now for over a year, and live a stable, pain free life thanks to med cannabis…

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