The Health Effects of Marijuana – Expert Q&A

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan, what should you know about its health effects? Join our experts for this Q&A discussion.


  1. Blah blah blah, what makes me laugh quite simply is that any thing you take in high doses is going to have some effect on you.Soon they'll be saying that breathing air isn't going to be safe for us. If I drink a dozen beers compared to two beers I'm sure im going to know the outcome I'm going to have, it's no difference to pot.I blame Cheech and Chong ha ha

  2. Smoking weed during adolescence definitely would have a negative effect on development.
    It is a HORRIBLE estrogen binder/mimicker and if you are the type that gets anxiety when your high its even worse. You certainly dont want that during adolescence. Chronic use CAN also cause chronic pain, infact if i even have one joint these days ill wake up sore all over. When i was a regular smoker chronic pain was daily and normal. When i quit it went away.
    Alot of these things depend on your genetics. Some people will smoke or drink everyday and experience no harmful effects whatsoever.
    The reality is weed is not the same as itbwas when rastas smoked daily for 50 years. Now its geneticalky altered, up to 50 percent more powerful and that kind of use will probably cause dementia.

  3. Well I cannot say much about alcohol and cigarettes because at least that's already being controlled somehow, but people in pain are not getting the opioids they need for their pain because it's considered a drug not everyone can consume marihuana! So if marihuana is legal for everyone to smoke then they should make opioids legal for people that can't smoke or consume marihuana!

  4. Instead of you all talking about "( oh alcohol, cigarettes , marihuana , and opioids are bad , why don't you all try to make all that illegal substances! Consider all those things I mentioned above drugs, and control them and only give it to sick people! That's the cure to ending addiction on teens and adults! And from kids accidentally consuming it!

  5. Why are you all worried about teens getting addicted if you are legalizing it and giving it to them in their hands! An opioid doesn't make you feel high like marihuana! An opioid relaxes the body from feeling pain, marihuana makes people feel like they are in cloud 9 especially wen its mixed with alcohol!

  6. You all need to do your researches with homeless people so you can see how they started to consume drugs, and it all starts with weed, alcohol, and cigarettes yes! Everything that you all have legalized!

  7. You can get high on medical marihuana, just like a a street marihuana! There's people that are not sick smoking and consuming marihuana and it's legal????

  8. Ok what I'm seeing is this generation and our future generations going down the drain because of making medial marihuana legal! Now there's more teens and adults using it and abusing it!

  9. Young people are getting addicted because doctors are giving the opioids and marihuana to the wrong people! Why are they giving opioids and marihuana to young people??? That's why there's ibroprufen tylenol naproxen and over the counter medications depending on their situation, now marihuana and opioids are for adults with pain also depending on the their situation!

  10. Why are doctors giving marihuana and opioids to young people that don't need it? There's people in real chronic pain especially older people, and they are not getting opioids for their pain , instead doctors advice marihuana which like I said some people cannot smoke or consume it, because it makes them sick just like ibroprufen, tylenol naproxen and other over the counter medications that don't help and just put people to sleep! And some people don't want surgery , so why are doctors making it hard for people with pain and are not giving them the opioids they need,

  11. Ok some people cannot consume marihuana and some people cannot consume opioids 🙄 they both come from a plant and they both help people with pain so why is an opioid considered a drug and not the marihuana?

  12. I consume flower based cannabis several times a day. I was nearly dead five times over with paralysis, brain lesions, spinal cord tumors, these “theoretical” effects are mostly just anecdotal.

    Cannabis is absolutely recommended as a treatment for down regulating the para sympathetic nervous system in PTSD and MAST CELL ACTIVATION SYNDROME.
    Much of this information is not based in science. It’s just a guess based on conjecture.

  13. I'm sixty seven and fifty years of Cannabis use and abuse has not destroyed me but forty six years of alcohol abuse nearly did until I quit drinking out of the clear blue, with no prior thought or discussion about ever doing that..

  14. I'm 5 mins into this video and Boom there it is…LIE
    *The man on the far right said "as with all drugs people develop tolerance and need more…but not so for alcohol. Bullish bullsh bullsh!!!! I have smoked the exact same amount,1 oz/mo., every month for 17 years. I used to drink…got arrested 4 times, lost license, home n kids, got divorced and got beat up A LOT. But I kept needing more and more. I'd be dead if my boyfriend hadn't got me off the booze and onto the stuff our brains are made for.
    #if I'm wrong I welcome proof. Cuz I got a big family. I've seen alot.

  15. When i started smoking weed at 16 my grades went from just passing to top of the class because i could concentrate a lot better. Can any medical specialist explain that.

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  17. I thought the chick on the left just said that she had never smoked pot before & I was about to heckle her, hit the thumbs down button & then skip ahead because I’m serious offended by all the “experts” out there who speak about the negative effects of smoking pot without having any first hand knowledge. They should require anyone who wants to speak on the subject to smoke up directly prior to their address.

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