The Efficacy of High CBD Low THC for Better Outcomes in Medical Marijuana

… but it does appear to have health benefits. As far as we know THC binds to CB1 receptors in the brain which relate to coordination, movement, pain, emotions, …


  1. I like taking cbd oil in the morning with my coffee.
    I smoke 1/3 of bowl morning and night to get both advantages of the plant.
    Just enough for medical effects and not the high

  2. Hi my Dear Friendly Family world i suffer from chronic pain so i purchased liquid THC AND CBD 24.57 and thc 1.29 mg total 23.07 what am i doing wrong for this not to work to help slow up my chronic pain and Suffering Cancer for the 3 rd time' by losing an eye 4 foot of bowels now in a kidney Please any Help Is Accepted name Aphria CBD 25.1' i tried smoking weed and it was useless only got pernoid'I do not drink
    k Achol Thank You Lovingly Michael Lake

  3. Smoking High THC once every 2 weeks has lifted my depression and put me back in touch with myself. I wish it didn't get such a bad rap.

  4. I have ptsd from being bullied, publicly outcasted and shamed for being a homosexual by my society and public teachers. There are memories i can never let go of. But the cbd worked better than all of the psychotropics i tried.

  5. Is this just a bs commercial for cbd manufacturers or actual science. If it's actual science then it makes you think why the federal government has banned this plant for so many years. From what i heard from this youtube show, is that cbd can cure almost anything. Who do you trust?

  6. forever grateful. I am here to testify about my life.
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  7. The newest family of cbd is a 100% water compatible cbd liquid. One company has the proprietary processing system that makes this cbd liquid possible and it's at least 10X more potent so you only use 2 drops instead of the 1 or more droppers full that most cbd companies suggest (this just makes sure you order more of it) hit me up if you want more info 🙂

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  10. How come u said cbd doesn't treat insomnia? Get your facts right.. all that talk with qualifications. I have smoked thc for 20 years. The cbd does everything apart from psychoactive.
    You must be smoking that industrial grade crap. Sorry but this video is half full of crap.

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  12. Cbd flower / low THC are so invigorating as a Tea (1g) with a cup of water abit like a strong good quality Green Tea with abit of focus plus no caffeine withdrawal.

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  14. I do a 1:1 tincture for intractable pain and I’ve been opioid free going on a year. I’ve tried CBD alone several times and it just doesn’t get it.

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