Recreational marijuana: Lessons learned from neighboring state

13WHAM’s Andrew Banas visited Pittsfield, Massachusetts – just over the NY border – where recreational marijuana is already legal. Here are both of his reports …


  1. Hate legal cannabis. Got corporate nerds who know nothing about cannabis in industry..
    People just grow your own..state cannabis is for profit. That means chs..most are clueless about chs.
    Spend 250 on leds and grow pounds at home in closet.

  2. Massachusetts people know nothing about cannabis . The price of weed will drop to tobacco prices in 4 yrs and every Massachusetts corporation will go out of business because they don’t own farms

  3. It's a plant that has many uses from hemp to make rope and the female plant that dry herb has buds with THC resin. You can smoke it and bake with it. Seriously, Pain pills and the Alcohol problems society suffers I Would Rather Have A Loved One Smoking Grass If It Helps.

  4. This “bum” is a PARASITE making money on the misery of others. There will be a large influx of “organized crime gangs” operating under the radar undercutting the State’s price. Burglaries, Assaults, Gunfire and Robberies will increase astronomically as addicts fund their habit. The death of children who intentionally and unintentionally ingest these poisons will become a daily occurrence with only excuses to explain away this tragedy. It’s up to responsible people to take charge to right these wrongs of weak, corrupt politicians who have decided to sacrifice the lives of those they allegedly represent all in the name of the almighty dollar.

  5. Whisky is what should be illegal! I'm 65 retired ,I worked a job for 38 years and in that time I watched alcohol kill dozens of coworkers . My coworkers started dieing at around 35 years old . Very few made it to retirement and those didn't last 5 years . I haven't seen any health issues with marijuana . I mean nothing. I know people my age that have been smoking weed since highschool! People who make these laws are crazy to let whisky go unchecked . IT IS POISON!!

  6. Isn’t it wonderful how thoes who sent many people to jail get to make huge money now for same thing. Isn’t it wonderful how only the wealthy can afford to cash in on the multi billion dollar cannabis industry. Isn’t it wonderful how we the average — the ones who live month to month are boxed in to always being financially insecure. Isn’t it wonderful that some get to pursue wealth and others are forced to support thoes who are wealthy. Isn’t it all wonderful.

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