Recreational Marijuana Legalized In New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Wednesday legalizing adult-use marijuana in New York, calling it a “historic day.” CBS2’s Jessica Moore reports.


  1. People have been making moon 🌙 shine ✨ for many years you can buy top shelf kits to manufacture dangerous water 💦 Damm only in USA what about the earth 🌍 people please 💣🧲💣

  2. When I smoke pot…It's like a mighty spirit movin' inside of me. Words & ideas come pouring out… I feel so powerful and full of love,
    I'm about to explode. I do explode & then I just about love everybody.
    Especially the ladies. This is where I belong, Right here, in religion.

  3. “Kids will have greater access to a drug they should be nowhere near”
    -teens are going to toke, but not all of them.
    -weed is everywhere regardless of laws
    -illegal markets allow for unregulated production, which allows for contamination
    -Canada is laughing its ass off at you. Not sure if it is the legal weed, or how ridiculous you sound.

  4. Then why
    America band marijuana in Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
    Nepali cannibis is organic than there than in America Usa

  5. Getting fed up of identity politics being linked to everything. How about you use the taxes to make all of new york a better place and not make certain peoples lifes better… (Coughs blm buying million dollar homes in all white areas.)

  6. I’m going to let you in on a secret. The majority of the marijuana used to come from Mexico. Then California legalized it and started shipping it out thus fueling billions in mostly unpaid taxes to the state. Then Colorado and so on. The only states that suffer are the ones who didn’t legalize first. By legalizing marijuana you eliminate kids going to buy pot from people that also sell pills cocaine lsd ecstasy heroin etc. thereby minimizing the risks of your child being introduced to them. Oh yeah you need to build the wall when your kid or loved one is dying or ruining their lives or the families because of their meth / heroin / fetn addiction just know that the majority of it comes in on a daily from Mexico. Making it harder to illegally enter the country makes it harder to illegal smuggle in deadly addictive narcotics

  7. This is all a part of the Illuminati agenda marijuana makes you lazy and relax it also has other side effects the slave master's want the people to be cool while they bring in the New World Order

  8. Cartels are going to be pissed off, dealers and growers going to be out of work as people start homegrown. Good but funny seeing your old dealer with a corner store or cafe.

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