1. The funny part is whenever Sleepy Joe makes marijuana federally legal in his term. Florida's Supreme Court is going to be pissed!

  2. We need to take a bag of pot seeds, take an airplane, and dust them on the landscape. Let them grow everywhere and laugh at grown men trying to ban nature. What will they do next: ban dandelions?

  3. Sorry for y’all. I’m in a legal state. It’s fucking wonderful. On 4/20 the dispensary gave a goodie bag. Of Doritos, Oreos and custom made green m&ms with a Mountain Dew soda. Fucking incredible.

  4. its more of a problem keeping it illegal and these days its a massive economy makes sense to make it legal and do it properly like alcohol and tabaco and for certain medical

  5. I don't see why the State don't pass the bill of marijuana as legal
    Is a natural plant
    It don't do harm
    They just want business out there to keep going

  6. "A proposed State constitutional amendmant wasn't clear enough that marijuana was still illegal federaly"

    If thats the problem then I purpose we just add this to the bill:

    "We recognise that the Council has made a decision. But given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, We've elected to ignore it."

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