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  1. New York thinks you are adult enough, not the criminal element, so they allow you to grow. Illinois on the other hand, distrusts you, thinks you are the criminal element, not responsible adults so they can't grow. Explain, leaving out politics. I just cannot believe you are running your household like this, nobody's household can be ran like this, it is madness.

  2. How can Biden legalize marijuana in America and fire his staffers? Its seems that the president will never get the balls to legalize it fully, marijuana has only caused firings and not hirings!

  3. ➡️ ⤵️

    B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's

  4. If it's anything like NJ; it may be legal, but the only place you can get it is the black market! And they will probably overprice it, and people will still be going to the black market! We pay our senators, and congressmen over $175,000 a years, and in NJ, 6 months later after we the people passed it, not them, they are still trying to put restrictive laws on it. All the towns controlled by the Nazi Republicans are trying to pass laws to keep stores from opening in what they claim are their family oriented tourist towns. They will change that tune, as soon as they see the tourists going someplace else, and they start losing money, but republicans are basically stupid, and it takes them a while to learn!

  5. As New York is looking to collect money from the legalization of cannabis they should be held liable for cases of CIP and the associated costs of dealing with it.

  6. Its only labeled as a gateway drug because the government lies and categorize it in the same level as heroin and worse than cocaine really enough of the lies living of people misery now want to cash in and only one to sell is conected to government legalize period alcohol is 10 times harder mind altering man made substance than the God given plant ..

  7. The gateway drug argument always seemed off to me, if you smoke weed your more likely to try another drug vs someone who doesn’t very true but that doesn’t take into account that the person who smoked wants to put a substance into their body regardless what’s available, it’s not the weed that makes someone want to do another drug it’s the person

  8. NY legislation: Well we've been stuck inside, and we're going to be stuck inside for probably another year…ah what the heck let's give the New Yorkers something that'll help them pass the time! And OUR time!

  9. New York and all other states banned flavored electronic vapes. if you ask them why ? They say we need to protect our kids and generation ( Actual reason to protect Phillip Morris's profit )
    But same New York and other 14 states Legalized using marijuana… So what happend to our kids and generation ? ( Actual reason is to make 350 million dollars state income per year )
    People in those states MUST BE more careful when they are driving because there will be many marijuana smokers on the same road who gets high after smoking… Roads are horrible, buildings are horrible, parks are horrible, beaches are horrible sittuation in NYC…Anybody cares ? Only United States of Nobody cares….You know who is the enemy of the USA ? Answer : USA

  10. New York better be careful or they will start having the same problems that Colorado has…
    Oh wait, Colorado has less problems than most other states since the legalized cannabis in 2012!!!
    Seriously, after 100 years of completely unjust prohibition laws it is time to celebrate!

  11. We had legal weed for a while now in W.D.C. No noticeable problems I could see. Unfortunately, synthetic weed… "Spice" already had a foothold. Very damaging. Very different chemical from Marijuana. Dangerous stuff just so people can evade drug tests for work. Nightmare War on Drugs Insanity.

  12. Weed being a gateway drug is just objectively false. Conservatives should take a look at how painkillers and other opiates are gateway drugs to OTHER opiates lol. Nobody consumes THC then turns around and says, let me try opiates. No, they consume opiates and then want more OPIATES. (i.e. heroin)

  13. Cuomo is like “These mf’s need weed so they can forget about all the allegations against me. This should help my approval rating also!” Yeah right. BOYCOTT THIS MAN!

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