New research shows CBD oil could help reduce life-threatening seizures in dogs

Violent seizures, and the medication traditionally used to treat them, can be deadly for dogs.


  1. I spoke to my vet about CBD oil for my little dog who suffers from epilepsy, her medication has made her chubby and lethargic at times. She takes phenobarbital and Keppra. She has had epilepsy for 7 years and the seizures are starting to take a toll now, she doesn't recover as fast as anymore. She still spunky and full of life once she is at baseline.

  2. I believe my 10 month old Italian Greyhound was having mild seizures. Her head would wobble, trembling, disoriented and falling over. She would be dazed and reserved for the rest of the night. The vet didn't seem to take it seriously when I sent him vids but when I posted in a breed specific group, many people posted that their dog had seizures and it looked just like this. It started happening more frequently, a couple times a week. So rather than have her put on expensive meds, I decided to try giving her CBD from a reputable site online and it immediately started working. It has been a few weeks now and she has not had one episode. Whatever it was, seizure or otherwise, CBD is keeping it at bay.

  3. I`ve had my half lab half grey hound for 6 years now, He has a seizure`s once a month, but in clusters. He is on pharbenp. (abvi.) It seems to be helping some, but every month he still goes into seizures. This time it`s been about a month and 1 1/2 before he had one. Today he is having them bad, so I will try CBD oil with his meds. & Then write a follow up below in a few months! Thank`s for this, 🙂

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