My Dogs Takes CBD | Product Review

TeamCapone #Review #Cannanine My Dogs Takes CBD | Product Review For the past couple weeks Capone has been taking CBD Oil! Boy, have we seen a …


  1. I have alot of symptoms Capone has, except I dont lick my feet.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 maybe I need some kind of oil for humans.
    He's such a sweety.

  2. Will this help my pitbull thats overly hyper? My pitty is so hyper when people come over jumping and just so much energy for hours. Sometimes I have to put her away because she doesn't calm down.

  3. My man, my pitbull is 75 pounds and 11 years old. His arthritis is getting worse and it’s starting to develop cancer. Not too familiar with the CBD game but it seems to be a legit product to give a dog. For his age and weight how many milligrams do you recommend? Any information would be greatly appreciated thank you

  4. I have a Staffordshire terrier, and im worried about her, I just got her and the last owners said they had a lot of problems with separation anxiety, but I gave her loving and left for a night out of town for work, I was sooo worried she would destroy the place but when i got back she was really excited to see me and only tore down the blinds, she doesnt seem to bark when I leave, it was over 48 hours, and shes new to the place, im wondering if the problem will worsen with time or if that should show me then and there that its not too big of a deal as long as she has toys to play with, I leave around 4-6 am every morning and dont come Back till around 6-7 pm and sometimes stay out of town, i feel bad and im not sure if I should keep her although she seems content now and i love her a lot. Idk what to do really, maybe the cbd will help but I have a lot of concerns about the situation in general, im lonely too, I live alone, itd be nice to keep her but im afraid its a little selfish even though it might end up worse for her if i have to give her back to the animal society, because I dont really know who she will go to.

  5. im taking my 9-month-old bully-pit on a long plane ride soon (with a connecting flight) do you think this will help him relax? im worried about giving it to a 9-month old puppy.

  6. My dog can't handle fireworks. The vet prescription puts her to sleep so she doesn't here. It takes another day for her to recover. Will the oil put her to sleep or just relax her?

  7. Awwwwwww bless Capone ❤️ I bet you feeling better it makes you feel not sooooooooooooo anxious now an whatever you having bug you sweetheart I love you all ❤️🌹😘🥰😍 you sweet boy ❤️🌹

  8. Just make sure you get the correct one there's for humans and there's for pets so make sure you getting the right type and there's also different strengths so for a smaller dog you might need the lower strength and then the bigger dog may need higher so make sure you do your research♥♥

  9. Capone is such a sweetie. Do you think he still misses Meeko? I sure hope he comes home one day. They were such good friends, weren't they? It's so sad. 😀💛

  10. CBD oil and THC oil available for patients and stoners

    Helps in the treatment of cancer, parkisons, chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, depression, epilepsy, fibromygalia and more.

  11. I have this for myself but I stopped taking it months ago when I moved and just couldn't afford it at the time. I want to get this for my Loki boy, he's around 9 and he's a lab shepherd mix. He's 70 lbs and I thought this might help him with joints and he's a barker, he barks at the wind, mAybe this will calm him. Do they give instructions on how much to give him at first and slowly increasing his dose? I'm from Texas and we just now can legally use a small percentage of this product.

  12. That's amazing stuff!! I wish it had been available in the UK when my boy was with us…..he suffered terrible separation anxiety and also towards the end he had a very aggressive form of cancer that must have caused him a huge amount of pain and discomfort, tho he never once complained and so we didn't know about the cancer until it was too late… We could have had his leg removed but it would not have given him much longer and we had to take the awful, heartbreaking decision no dog owner wants….I miss him …which is why I now spend my life watching my favourite YouTube dog family videos lol XXX Love you all xxx 💖🐶🐾🥰🤗😚😁

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