Minnesota House passes bill that would legalize recreational cannabis for adults

In a 72-61 vote, the bill passed the House Thursday night. GOP leadership in the Senate has said that the legislation is not a “Minnesota priority.


  1. Republican stayed away from it because I didn’t want to be voted in on something as silly as that and then all of a sudden they aren’t taking it seriously anymore on more important matters. Democrats don’t care get in any way you can because they’re going to cheat things and rip off the public Democrats do that trick you and Rob you

  2. Yes so this is where I should be suing the government because I was arrested for marijuana multiple times targeted in Saint Paul. Being arrested for smoking marijuana costs a lot of money and back in the 70s and 80s it was hard to get past giant fines like that I’m still suffering I think from being arrested almost 28 times so I’m stupid leave me alone

  3. Cannabis has never been the problem, police have …
    Police remain the nations #1 problem and consistent foe against communities and its good peaceful citizens!

  4. Unintentionally consequences?? What a jackass. I thought we lived in a free country. Just not a free state? What a joke. With the millions of tax dollars guaranteed, not a maybe like numb nutts comments at the end there but for sure we would have a boat load of extra tax money for an endless number of things that our state needs and we havent passed this already is just baffling to me and I really don’t get wants going on with the people we put in charge to govern us. We the people have spoken. Figure it out senate republicans for f***s sake.

  5. They should at least expand the medical Marijuana program in MN. It's to restrictive, to expensive, and doesn't really do much for the medical patients because its so restrictive.

  6. it's funny how some people think Minnesota is a progressive state. Other states are about to legalize shrooms while these GOP boomers want to keep it a babysitting state.

  7. That's funny if Johnson would have been our governor already would have been done and he was a Republican. Don't complain about party sides call and be respectful to the representatives and explain why it needs to be legal, Great tax base for Minnesota for schools and roads, And to cut out the cartels

  8. Legalize it, don't legalize. Nobody cares what you think or say anymore. We as a people have already decided. Years ago at this point. I've smoked with doctors, ministers, even 2 separate cops. 1 retired 1 on his patrol. I've smoked with lawyers my friends and family. And many little old ladies. Not old time crackhead or anything either. Sunday best church goin ladies. All your doing at this point is proving you don't work for us. As our representatives. Your in business for yourself. So vote for whatever you want. All that changes is I go to a house instead of a store. And I don't gotta pay you any taxes on it.

  9. Republicans would be doing themselves a huge favor by allowing it. It is way safer than alcohol. And most people want it legal. Making it illegal just makes criminals out of responsible hard working citizens. And keeping it illegal just empowers the drug traffikers and big pharma. People of all classes smoke it casually. And nobody should have the right to make a decision for us about a harmless naturally growing herb. They can create strict regulations to control safety and quality, where it comes from, and how it is sold. And they could undercut foreign countries, like china and south america, from profiting off our recreational and health choices. It would bring money in and offer a safer alternative to those who do mot want or can not drink. It would reduce heavier drug use as well. I will always vote for the candidate that fights for this. No matter what side of politics they are on. It is just wrong, and motivated by greed and just plain ignorance to keep this illegal. It is like republicans are intentionally sabatoging their elections, to satisfy someone elses needs over their voters needs.

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