Medical marijuana: Know a lot about your pot!

This video provides an introduction to cannabis and the medical research that has been conducted about this drug. This video was made by McMaster …


  1. I know that I ones doubted herbal medicine even Dr Madida, so is everyone I believe  but right now I don't longer doubt it again especially the herbal medicine from Dr Madida on YouTube which cured my idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

  2. If ONES may speak to all HUMANS one would like to wash ,
    Would like to apologize for words that written aloud for all to see that seems to be why ,
    Like to apologize to you MR Bill Gates and the who team for all that was read , ones made mistake with those negative words that written to see aloud ,
    would like to ask forgiveness for that use actually saved one's life all our lives for if not that the who team and Mr,Bill Gates foundation for infectious diseases we would not be here today reading this so again would like to apologize for all the negative words that were written to see aloud , would like to THANK YOU for SAVING our LIVES I would like to THANK You for what you do with your farming program very very nice Thank you Again .

    Marijuana program is one of the most important things we need the science from it so wonderful and it HELPs all HUMANS

  3. Most studies tell lies about Marijuana I know because I used to smoke it everyday, it may affect some people differently but it will never be as bad as pharmaceutical drugs it should be up to individuals what they would rather have and not up to politicians who want to keep money in big drug manufacturing companies because that's what is causing all this dementia.

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