Medical Cannabis Basics | Gastrointestinal Society

In this video, we go over some of the basics about medical cannabis. Franҫais : The Gastrointestinal Society, a registered …


  1. I know that I ones doubted herbal medicine even Dr Madida, so is everyone I believe  but right now I don't longer doubt it again especially the herbal medicine from Dr Madida on YouTube which cured my idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

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  3. I speak as a doctor totally committed to helping medical cannabis needy patients. The health department should be ashamed of itself for its totally inadequate Medical laws and the failure of patients ability to get access to adequate supplies of CBD and THC in therapeutic quantities at an affordable price. Stop listening to the opposition of the greedy and selfish big pharma companies, alcohol and tobacco companies who cannot cope with how effective and totally safe that it is. We have innumerable patients who desperately need adequate quantities of the drug for upfront treatment in effective quantities. Medical cannabis is totally safe and should be easily obtainable via your regular GP with no delay or limit or at a regular Cannabis Speciality Clinic, and on the PHS so it is affordable. Politicians, get the laws updated effectively and quickly or admit you are not a part of a truly democratic parliamentary system. The people want effectively unfettered access and so do most police officers who see the benefits alongside and in contrast to the drama of unfettered alcohol access.

  4. Look at cannabis, look at pills. Which looks more natural. God/Mother Nature , whoever, put cannabis on this planet for motherfuckers to get high and enjoy life naturally. Like anything, you gotta know your limits and take in moderation and do edibles instead of smoking. I’ll never take big pharma drugs again.

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  7. Cannabis saved my life. It treated my depression and anxiety in 6 months than all meds I took in 10 years.
    It healed my stiff muscles. I haven't touched any pain killers in nearly a year and finally
    It treated my painful arthritis. I no longer take meds and methrotxate which cause fogginess and memory loss

    I have a sharp memory. My depression always made me focus on the bad ones. Cannabis helped me focus and remember the good memories and experiences. It is a life changer

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